My Top Organika Products (With Collagen) and Why

It’s funny.

As I age, and I do not mind aging, I am more mindful of what my body needs and in tune with how I feel and how to keep my mom and my entrepreneurial and general energy up!

What I have learned is that in addition and being active and eating well, being grateful and enjoying life…I do need something extra.

One of these things for me is collagen. Give me all the collagen, for my skin, hair, nails, joints. The other are items that help keep me feeling rejuvenated and replenished.

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Why Organika?

Honestly, and this is not a sponsored post, so I have no reason to say otherwise (but really guys, I never endorse anything I do not personally use and believe in). I have tried a number of brands (which I’m not going to call out here) and the Organika products are:

  • varied to fit my different needs, whether I’m on the go, working out or chilling
  • when I add it to my coffee or tea (the collagen) there is no nasty aftertaste
  • an option to take it multiple ways (snack, drink, sports drink, etc.)
  • local company and I feel good about supporting local
  • organic
  • no-nonsense ingredients, what you see is what you get, period.

My Top Choices and Why

Organika Enhanced Collagen
enhanced organika collagen products

The Enhanced Collagen is my daily… it’s also been voted the best collagen powder in Canada, so clearly I like some good stuff. This particular one is made with bovine collagen, however, there is also marine collagen available. I have tried a number of collagen powders, but this one is truly odourless and doesn’t give my coffee and tea an off-taste. I mix it in my morning coffee, or use the matcha version for days I opt for that vs. coffee. It’s a great way to get my collagen in with zero effort.

FAV Cookies

organika collagen cookies

So I am a snacker and need healthful options on hand for when cravings hit. These cookies, I swear are the BEST snack around: FAV cookies come in 3 different flavours (I love them all). Not only are the small variety packs a perfect serving, but get this… they are made with collagen, are keto-friendly, offer clean fats and healthy protein. I mean what that afternoon slump hits, I love having these on hand.

Bone Broth

organika bone broth

Throw away whatever packaged broth you are buying and replace it with these powdered nutritious broth options. I love them all. There is a beef, chicken, veggie and keto-friendly option. These are nutritious, offer protein and all the benefits of bone broth that are gut-healthy and good for joints and bones. I love adding it to soups, pasta, rice, or mixing and sipping…try it on popcorn as well! Yes…bone broth has collagen! Organika knocked it out of the park with this cooking must-have.


organika marine collagen effervess

Ok, so I know I said that Enhanced Collagen is my daily and it is… but I also have this on hand. Whenever you feel like jazzing up your water (which I’m sure you all are drinking lots of right?), this is an awesome product to have in your arsenal. You literally take one tablet of Effervess with Vitamin C (comes in many flavours, I personally like Kiwi and Lavender the best), drop in your water and let it fizz. The water gets flavoured and bubbly, and you are getting some extra collagen (marine collagen by the way).

A Few Others

There are other Organika products that I use, those that contain collagen that I also have include:

  • Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen: This is a such a perfect drink for the summer and post-workout. Not only does it have collagen, but you are also getting magnesium and sodium and potassium, all to replenish heavy sweat sessions. I’m using it all summer actually.
  • Marine Collagen Powder: For those that prefer marine collagen, Organika has a good one. I have this on hand also. Marine is touted to be helpful for skin and nails a bit more, while bovine seems to focus on joints as well… however, NDs have said that either/or is good, it’s a personal preference.

organika electrolytes and enhanced collagen


In the end, what I love most is the options. There is a product that provides collagen made by Organika that literally fits any lifestyle and any need. If you are on the go and prefer to have it via snack, or add in your cooking via broth, or drink post-workout, or drink with your coffee, there is an option for you.

I have noticed healthier hair and nails. In addition, I’m always conscious of trying to protect my joints as I age.

These Organika collagen products give me that confidence and I sincerely enjoy having them in my routine without an added effort to take it.

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This post is not sponsored, however, it does contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own based on my personal experiences. 

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