Suyo is the Peruvian Food Experience You Need in Vancouver

Suyo, in Vancouver, is one of the best gifts to the city. 

Suyo opened its doors in 2022 and has taken Main Street on an incredible journey to Peru ever since. 


Suyo Peruvian Food

I cannot stress enough, that Suyo is a must-visit food journey.

The intensity of each dish is elevated to include the perfect balance of acidity, texture, and mouth appeal. The entire experience from your cocktail to dessert and coffee is an invigorating sensory bliss. Even if you know nothing of Peruvian food, you will quickly learn how exquisite it is.

Interestingly enough, I was talking about this restaurant with my friend, who I visited Suyo with. We were saying how we haven’t heard enough about people shouting this restaurant’s name. Lo and behold, I just learned about the awards this little restaurant is racking up recognition and awards, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Suyo just won two awards at the 2023 Vancouver Magazine Awards, including Best New Restaurant and Best Latin. 



The menu has something for everyone. It’s a modern take on Peruvian foods, meant to excite you. From vegetarians to pescatarians to meat-eaters, all diets can enjoy eating here. Personally, if you eat, and love seafood, you need to order from the ceviche bar⏤yes there is an entire section of ceviches to order from, even a vegetarian option. All are exceptional, but my heart will always gravitate towards the tangy sensation that is their classico ceviche, made with Haida Gwaii halibut. 

Starting with a crisp pisco sour, I enjoyed perusing the menu. To get the full experience, getting the tasting menu is the best option. Otherwise, I highly recommend the Octopus Anticuchero (quite possibly the best octopus I have had, with the perfect amount of spice in its chimichurri sauce), and the Arroz Con Pato (duck breast, confit served with cilantro rice and egg).

Truly, every dish excited my tastebuds. 

Leave the kids at home, make this a date or a place to catch up with a friend.

The restaurant is not large. There is additional seating in the back, beyond the main area and bar. The lighting is dim, the decor is modern, and it’s very trendy and chic. 

The staff is very well-versed to provide you with recommendations on drinks for every course. I enjoyed allowing our server to recommend his favourties. The complete experience is meant to leave you feeling you have tasted a bit of Peru .

Be warned, it will leave you wanting more.

Yes. I cannot stress that enough. In a city where many restaurants are well-known, Suyo is not one to be slept on.

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