Need Food Content?

Are you a restaurant owner, cafe owner, health and wellness company, chef or food company?

If so, you may know the value of hiring an experienced content creator that is well versed in food and nutrition. Furthermore, has a passion for food, health, and wellness overall.

Get Your Content Written By A Food Expert

food content writer and editor _ Christina Chandra

I live and breathe the food and nutrition world. My passion is to write as a food and nutrition writer. Learn more about me.

I have worked for many years as a marketing specialist, primarily for media agencies where I have:

  • created web content (and worked directly with web developers to put together the websites)
  • created and grown social communities
  • written and edited E-magazines and EBooks
  • worked on digital and print media with graphic designers
  • created and curated blog content
  • email marketing

While I have done so, as mentioned my passion is the food and nutrition world. So, now I do, all the above but focussing on my niche.

Services include: web content, blogs, articles, social media (posts or campaigns), video scripts or promo videos, and more. Or if you are looking for extra exposure I also do sponsored blog and social media posts as well.

Some brands I have worked with include:

Wines of BC

BC Milk

Five Roads Brewing Co.

Health Expo


Holy Crap Cereal

Noms Magazine

and more…

I look forward to creating delicious content for you.

food content writer and editor _ Christina Chandra

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