If You Love Indian Food, Try Out Sula Restaurant On Vancouver’s Main Street

Craving Indian cuisine? If you have not yet gone to Mount Pleasant’s Sula Indian Restaurant, you are missing out.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sula Indian Restaurant, 4172 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

sula indian restaurant

This is actually the second location of this popular Indian eatery. The first is on Commercial Drive and is already a success. However, when I learned it was coming even closer (at the old Reef on Main street), I was ecstatic. I tried take-out several times, and amidst pandemic, restrictions took me a while to visit in-house. Well, dining in is a must to get the full extraordinary experience.

What To Eat

To be honest, you cannot go wrong with whatever you order here. In addition, it truly depends on what you are craving, your level of hunger and if you are coming for the vegetarian options.

A good start is any of their chaat dishes or the mixed appetizer plate. It offers you the perfect combination of flavours with some savoury with salty but also cooling with dhai. One of my favourite appetizers is the paneer fingers.

In terms of dining, it’s a smorgasbord of options and flavours, and the heat added can be diversified. I loved the chicken tikka and both the lamb kadai and lamb madras. For vegetarian curries, you can’t go wrong with any paneer dish (the shahi paneer won my heart), as well as vegetable coconut. Now, I know you will get the traditional naan, however my personal favourite there is the paneer and spinach naan, which combined with some pickles and yogurt is a great meal on its own if you aren’t too hungry.

Truly, the entire menu is a plethora of options that you couldn’t really miss.

What To Drink

One drink I knew I was going to order before I even sat down. It is beautifully bright pink and actually tangy, making it the perfect complement to a hot spicy pakora. If you don’t know what I mean, it’s Rati’s Embrace. If you are heading there, don’t ask, just order it.

rati's embrace

The second one was a remix on a pina colada. The Kama Colada was perfect on a hot day with a hint of cardamom and chai taste, perfectly different and familiar all at once.

kama colada


The second I walked in, the gentle details which are subtle but very much noticed were enough to bring me excitement before even cracking open the beautiful menus. From the copper cups, to the rich vibrancy of the mahogany of the decor made me feel I am in an Indian restaurant that didn’t hide its roots but brought it out in an elegant manner. You area greeted just like you would walking into an Indian home, with kindness and a genuine interest to feed you. It’s got a good feel, there is no shortage of that. It’s also very pretty (to say it simply).

sula indian restaurant

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The classic Indian menu dishes are all available, and there are options for everyone. From vegetarian to vegan to meat and seafood. As expected, it’s best to share if trying the curry dishes. There are multiple options for every diet, with slight variations, and the spice level can be ammended. No shortage of choices here.

Yes, you can take the kids. In fact, the experience here can be varied from a family-friendly dinner to a great place to break naan with friends. Because there are so many options, kids dining is easy. Kids love the samosas and aloo paratha.

I will go as far as saying that the service is the best ever I have had while dining at an Indian restaurant in Vancouver. There was not a face without a smile, and everyone is very enthusiastic and friendly. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu and can help guide you through choices.

Definitely, without a doubt. If you don’t love Indian food, it may be a miss for you… however I think if you go you may be converted. It’s not your typical banquet food so I encourage you to try it out.

Check out the full menu here for both Main Street and Commercial Street

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  1. Not sure about Main Street one but I went to Sula at Commercial Drive, it was the worst Indian food I ever had. We ordered Samosa, Kadhai Paneer and Veg Dumplings (Kofta) with couple of Naans.

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