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When I find things I truly love and see make a difference, I want to share them. Here are products and services that I personally use and found helpful that you can now shop online.

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Find all the products I personally use in my home, with my kids, and more. Click here to browse products.

Kids Worksheets on Etsy

Find a series of kids worksheets and colouring books/pages for kids to keep them entertained and learning, all with a food theme. Click here to browse products.

Online Coaching Courses

I am a big advocate of getting coaching. There is no one good time or good reason for it, but overall it is immensely helpful at any life stage. Coaching, in my experience, can help you become more confident and achieve many goals. Here are some coaching courses I found useful, there are some available for kids and teens as well.

Please send me an email ( at ) for a registration link to any of the following that I recommend:

Organika Products

I have discovered the best products for collagen, my energy, and overall health. Most of the products I use for Organika include the collagen powder that I mix into my coffee. I add in some Maca powder when I need a bit of a boost in mood, or I use the Superbrew creamers when I need more energy. One of my recent favourites is the Effervess, which provides collagen in a seltzer (I just drop it in my water). The products are all-natural, organic, and provide a wealth of health benefits.

Browse the Organika products and find what’s right for you.

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

In my quest to become healthier, one of the things that I started doing was taking apple cider vinegar. It helps with digestion and a healthy gut as well helps with keeping a flat tummy…overall truly good for you. While taking it in liquid form is not always easy on the go, or even drinking it, these gummies are a lifesaver! They taste great and I just take a few and I’m set. I highly recommend them! Promo code: christinakchandra

Get Goli ACV Gummies.