Caiden’s First Ever Summer Camp: Whitecaps Soccer Camp

First Summer Soccer Camp: Whitecaps Soccer Camp by

I must admit, I was a bit nervous heading into the first week of summer. For one, I wanted to ensure the kids, particularly my almost six year old son wasn’t going to be bored out of his mind at home while I manage to also work. But also because we had decided to enroll him in the Vancouver WhiteCaps Soccer Camp for the youth.

As you may or may not know, we do enjoy watching soccer as a family. We have some soccer affection because of family history and growing up with it. As such, Caiden had started playing soccer this past fall with a local league. He also had the honour of walking out on to the pitch, earlier this year, with the Whitecaps, at the home opener. So, the Whitcaps soccer camp was very well welcomed and recieved!!

I was more or less nervous about what he would do the whole time at the camp, would he tire out and want to come home, would he want to even play soccer daily, and would he get nervous himself or actually make new friends?

Needless to say, it was soccer success!

Here is why…

Kids Are Grouped By Ages

There are kids of all ages, ranging from U7 to U14. While Caiden was just shy of turning six, it was totally fine. Kids were split into groups immediately, based on age…so you had them doing drills and games with kids of their own size/age and skill level. The camp took into consideration their personal level of play and this made it easy for each kid to be comfortable…as they were all on a level playing field (pardon the pun). 

Professional Coaches That Are Good With Kids

What’s so cool about the Whitecaps soccer camp is that it is worth the cost, not only because it is well organized and they do mind your kids for the whole morning, but the soccer coaches actually know what they are talking about. Each coach is introduced at the beginning and it was great to learn that our kids were in the hands of professionals. Coaches were all professionally trained and many played soccer themselves at a high level (we even had players from the 86ers). This camp truly went beyond just being a summer camp, it’s one that taught the kids actual practical skills that will help them out for the fall leagues. 

Whitecaps Soccer Camp Coaches by

They Got To Meet A Whitecaps Soccer Player

Caiden was pretty excited to know that on Day 3, they were going to meet a real Whitecaps soccer player, in person. As camp finished off, sure enough, #20, Jasser Khmiri, came to meet all the kids, he signed autographs and even posed for pictures with each kid. It was awesome to see every kid line up with excitement…I mean look at that smile!

whitecaps jasser khmiri at whitecaps soccer camp

Spike Came To Visit

Who doesn’t love Spike? Seriously. Many a time we have left our seats because the kids insisted Spike was in the Kids Zone. So when Caiden heard Spike was going to be there on the last day, he was all about it! Spike is great at making kids enjoy being kids, he makes them laugh, he bugs the coaches, and pretends to eat their heads (makes for great photos), oh and he just gets the energy up no matter what the weather!

spike at Whitecaps soccer camp for youth

Learn More About Whitecaps Soccer Camp

There are quite a few Whitecaps soccer camp sessions that run through the summer and in various locations, so all kids across BC can enjoy them. The age is ranged from U7 to U14, so there is a wide range of kids at various skill levels that can benefit from it. So if you are looking for something for the kids to do, a few hours a day, and they love soccer, and the Vancouver Whitecaps, you may want to check it out!

To learn more go to

Whitecaps soccer camp for youth by

While this blog post was sponsored via a gifted experience, all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

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