Father’s Day & Soccer – Whitecaps Ticket Giveaway

This father’s day coming up, I have been contemplating what to get hubby, on behalf of the kids.  Caiden and Rayna are only 2 and 3, so it’s hard to think of something outside of painted spiderman pictures, play-doh figurines and crayon-engraved cards.

The Love For Soccer

We love those, but now that Caiden has started playing soccer, for fun, and hubs is, well to really understate it, a soccer fanatic, I thought maybe we should tie something together to do with soccer.

Those of you who know Vick, know his love for the game. How he played as a youth, excelled as one of the top players in BC at his time in his teenage years, but then went on to play at a professional level in Greece for most of his 20s. He has consistently been a part of the VMSL, through playing and assisting in coaching. Although he is retired, soccer is something that has shaped him, showed him the world, and even if our kids do not grow up to play it, it will be always be a something we want to share with them. Something we want them to learn about, be exposed to…the lesson of trying, the beauty and the discipline any passion takes, and the fun of a sport.

Father’s Day Whitecaps Game

What better way to say Happy Father’s Day than to take him to a soccer game here. Although the kids and us have gone to many games before, I learned that on June 17th, Whitecaps vs. Dallas FC, there is a special Father’s Day game. On this day, lucky fans can get a chance to get out on the field and actually take a picture on the field.

As Caiden just started kicking the ball around and discovering how fun soccer can be, I think this is the perfect opportunity to have them go and enjoy, not only the game, but have a unique experience of standing in a field of a stadium together. Something that Caiden will hear about but hasn’t seen with his dad yet.

Cute huh?  Nostalgic and precious…and will make a great gift for Father’s Day.

If you want to go to this game, and I suggest you do, please visit the link here for tickets.

whitecaps soccer father's day

Ticket Giveaway

I’m so excited to be offering a pair of tickets, and a photo opportunity out on the field for this game!!!  To enter, please click here.

Happy Father’s Day to all you soccer fans!!!

*I was provided tickets in exchange for this post, however, as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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