Reflections From Our First (Official) Vacation

I must admit I was a little nervous, abeit excited as anything, for our first family flying vacation. I got mixed reactions, some saying it would be difficult while others saying it will be fantastic.

Well…it was…fan-fricking-tastic!

We went to Riviera Nayarit, a little off of Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico. It was beautiful, not too long of a flight (so the kids mainly slept), and just what we needed/wanted.

Our resort, Dreams Villamagna, was perfect – family friendly, great food, awesome staff, VIP service to the max, 24 hour room service, great view/room…and drinks and pools were perfect.

We went with no expectations, and aimed to make it about the kids, so with them playing in the pools and water, us having our cocktails…things went rather smoothly. Of course, vacation with the kids is different, but I truly think Vick and I are ready for these vacations. We want to experience life through their eyes…seeing them frolic in delight, swim to their heart’s content, seeing animals and dolphins and even geckos in amazement, all made us so happy.  Honestly, as bedtime came around and they passed out…we often found ourselves exhaused too.

The kids loved it. Caiden learned how to swim (with floaties) and literally would want to swim until evening. Rayna only walked…no crawling…and loved to point out every bird and iguana we saw. They grew up so much in one week…amazing.

Vick and I would wake up as they would, we would check out our ocean view and get ready for breakfast and then either swim, or plan to go see dolphins…or take a trip to Sayulita…all of which was just awesome to say the least. Our trip was full of tacos, drinks, animal encounters (iguanas at the resort included), braids, and sun…sun and some more sun. The best thing,  was being together,  as corny as that may sound,  and watching our kids really experience and showcase their excitement for things…I mean Caiden held a snake and a crocodile for Pete’s sake!!

I know now that this life as a mom with young ones,  is what I revel for. I am in my element and love being with my family.  I love that we take advantage of these precious moments,  because it will pass and life will change once again.  But until then,  I can’t wait until our next adventure.

What a blast!

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