This Halloween I Realized My Babies Are Not Babies

How did this happen? How did time pass so fast that I feel this feeling and realization has come out of left field? How did it not sink in before that this baby phase is slowly fading?

Ok maybe I’m being a tad dramatic.

I was just a bit taken aback, mostly in awe, of watching the kids on Halloween. We took them both trick-or-treating, thinking they will tire quickly, that we would need to carry both at some point,  and that they would be timid or scared at some points (they are only 1 and 3 after all).

But no.

Caiden had a big day, dressed as IronMan. He embodied the whole character. He went to a party at school, had a blast, and then came home to rest…he knew he had big plans in the evening. Sure enough, when the time came, he was eager saying to the rest of us “C’mon!!”

Rayna was her favourite character, Minnie Mouse. She looked adorable and once given her pail, was walking around signaling for her shoes.

As we all, dressed, headed down our block, it hit me. We have hit the years where we don’t just dress them up for pictures and visits to family. We have entered the age of them actually wanting to partake in activities and us enjoying it with them. Where they know what’s to come and actually look forward to it and it become a known family venture. I love it. At the same time, I an taken aback at how quickly it seems to have come.  As we walked house to house, Caiden would turn to us at each house and say “wait…I go myself”, wanting for us to go to back off and let him be a big boy. With the same token, I would follow suit with Rayna, who, shockingly, would stand there and reach for the candy then say “that tu” as she received her treat.

This was all super cute, so amazing to be out with my family and watch my kids reach this stage…yet so unfathomably crazy surreal it feels to have two walking, semi-talking toddlers enjoying Halloween.

Toddlers…not babies…soon they will be kids…sigh.

So of course I must chronicle and take pictures!

What a great one. Our other festivities included the pumpkin patch, Vandusen Glow and a family Halloween party!

One for the books!

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