Halloween is Approaching…Let’s go Shopping

Now that I have toddlers, I look forward to making sure every holiday or event is well represented, fun, and enjoyed as a family.

It starts out with decorating at home fo sure.

Halloween is one of those events. It is so fun for the kids. Why not go decorate with some fun, spooky, and festive ways? On top of that, dressing up truly gets you in the spirit…and it brings out the kid in you as well. I think my son gets even more excited when he sees us dress up too.

However, as you must be thinking, trying to do it all…decor, costumes, little touches here and there, it can get costly. This is true, well kind of.

I recently discovered that Halloween stuff can actually come at a good price, if you check out Value Village. We have gone there a couple of times now, specifically for Halloween. I think you would be amazed.

Here’s why:

1. Rows and rows and rows of costumes, wigs, accessories and makeup. There’s something for all ages, sizes and theme.

2. Ideas galore. If you are stuck, this is a great place for inspiration. There’s an idea poster, and just by walking around, I bet you will start putting together something fun.

3. Contrary to what you may think, not everything is used. The Halloween section is primarily comprised of NEW items, fully packaged.

4. Costumes yes…but also decor! You have your pick of skulls, bones, skeletons, dead roses, you name it! I guarantee you will find tonnes to decorate your place without breaking the bank!

We had a fun time gathering some key items to kick off Halloween preparation.  Check out my haul of a bag of bones, glow in the dark skeletons, cookie cutters, pumpkin carving kit, garlands, window stickers…and so much more.

Caiden had a blast helping put some stuff up.

I will share with you the final look, but wanted to just share how impressed I was with the selection and thrifty prices.  Check out my social media for updates as we finalize our costumes and finish decorating.

Check out #thriftortreat  and seriously if you want to go all out, or even a little bit, this Halloween, go check out the Value Village spooky selections.

Have fun!


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