One Year Within a Blink of an Eye

I remember July 12, 2013 like it was yesterday…I had my precious monkey in the wee hours, after an 18 hour day at the hospital, in a heat wave,  during probably the busiest baby season BC Womens had seen. Now, one year has passed and Caiden just blew out candles on his first birthday cake at his first birthday party.  I honestly cannot believe how fast the year has gone by.

When you become a mom, there is much anticipation about each coming phase. A baby brings so many lessons and learnings each and every week it seems.  Your baby is growing daily, right before your eyes,  cm by cm, pound by pound.  You start living your life in milestones vs actual dates…”when was that dinner date?  oh right 3 months ago when Caiden started crawling.”   There is so much happening, so much developing that no wonder time seems to fly by.

Kind of makes me sad as I wish I could slow it down, just a tad, though I love seeing my boy grow, I know I will be saying this same thing yearly.

Caiden’s birthday bash was a huge success.  We decided to do a summer park barbeque with all our family and friends, lots of food, games, water park, and of course cake!  Fittingly,  the theme was Curious George, oddly I seemed to have an affinity to monkeys from pregnancy to now with Caiden.  The theme worked well and everyone had a great time, including the birthday boy.  It was on the hottest day of the year, but of course we had tents and freezies galore. With the kids enjoying the water, pinata and sweets, the rest of us enjoyed taking snapshots in the curious george photo booth.

The best part was during the cake cutting, I was a little apprehensive that he would freak out. We had a mini cupcake smash photo session a few days earlier and he hated it! However, this happy guy realized everyone was singing to him, realized he was the centre of attention and started laughing and clapping himself!  Though, no, he didn’t like eating or touching the cake.

No surprise,  Caiden was spoiled rotten with more gifts, toys and clothes…he is one lucky guy.

We wrapped up the day and felt a bit relieved.  The event was a lot of work and planning,  but not only did we get to see everyone participate and enjoy, but we really saw our baby acting like a big boy enjoying in his own way. Seeing him laugh and realizing we have made it through the year raising what seems to be a happy kid, for now, melted my heart.

I wanted to remember him growing into this one year old boy so we had a poster/collage made.

Sigh…one year already.

Happy Birthday Caiden!

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