Some Stuff I Never Realized Until Now

Being a mother is amazing,  no question about that.  If you have been reading all along you already know just how much sheer joy it brings me. Yes, I know…my child has not yet reached the terrible twos.  So let me bask in how utterly awesome it is…giddily great.

Most of my already mommy friends painted a pretty picture of that for me. They look wonderful,  kids look great and they look like they get it all done.  But here I would like to tell you the things I didn’t realize (not bad just different).  I know I may not be the only one that doesn’t always have it all together. C’mon now.

Here we go:

I never realized that taking a quick shower with long hair was ever possible.  I may not always get a chance to fully rinse the shampoo out sometimes… never mind always conditioning (that’s a luxury now).

I never realized the universal use of wet wipes.  I have been guilty of wiping up spills, my own face, and even feet with those bad boys.  Hey I buy in bulk…good thing.

I never realized that for a foodie like me, it is okay to eat your dinner cold.  After taking a few bites your kid needs something,  when they are settled sometimes you just can’t be bothered to warm it up for fear of disturbing him…or you just are that hungry and you don’t care at this moment.

I never realized that I would rock a ponytail as often as I do. No its not fashionable but it beats hair on the floor galore and prevents hair pulling.

I never realized how doing nothing is still something.  You never are doing nothing, but when someone asks what you did today, though you stayed home and reply “nothing” that’s just simply understated. You are just a well oiled machine on auto-pilot.

I never realized that I owned so many tights or yoga pants…because that has become the outfit of choice more often than not.

I never realized how annoyed you can get with your partner…for no reason other than you each contest to who is more tired.  Is it really a competition?  Yes, I like to point out I win this round daily…in my mind.

I never realized how much my son would look like his dad…no complaints but yeah he looks a lot like daddy.

I never realized how much I would need to sneak in and out of a room or whisper talk to hubby. We whisper a lot now…didn’t know we knew how to.

I never realized how great wine would taste after abstaining for so long. On that note, I never realized you could forget how to even select or purchase wine at a liquor store…yes I was caught looking at a few bottles for quite some time.

Lastly,  I never realized just how much you wouldn’t care about much of anything else. For a natural stress case, such as me,  that sounds impossible.  However, I have entered a phase of not caring to people please,  not caring to worry so much of things that you have  no control over; time is precious and your mat leave should be spent as happily as possible.  Which is why I ignored my agenda as much as possible and this is the most important realization I came to.

No point in getting bogged down with “to dos” daily when your one year goes by so fast.  I’m glad I enjoyed my Caiden baby time because, although people told me so…

…I just never realized how fast they grow and how fast time flies…wow.

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