“Momma” – Gets Me Everytime

Caiden is definitely in his experimental, wondering, exploring,  testing boundaries, throwing and mimicking phase.  As cool as this is, there is a new word we are using all the time…”No!”

He doesn’t just walk…he runs.  It’s fantastic and scary wrapped up into one emotion.  While we can’t over-coddle him or smother,  I do try to hinder potential mis-haps, or yell to not touch plugs,  or play with doors…oh yeah…and to stay out of the bathroom (we know what he will play with in there).   So in trying to teach him what not to do, we try to master the “poker” face, no smile, no giving in to those adorable eyes,  and say “No”.  Here is how that goes, it works, most of the time, and by most of the time,  I mean when hubby does it.  Now whether I do it, or Vick, our smart monkey turns his attention on us, like he is thinking,  “ok I see your stern voice and raise you a “momma?????”  Gosh….ughh, it is so fricking endearing!!!! It isn’t even just a regular “momma”, it lingers with a soothing sounding melody,  as if candy comes pouring out, making you melt and say “yesss my bubba…come to momma.”
Gets me everytime.

I swear he knows it too.

Over time Caiden has learned which things he is not supposed to do, such as playing in the bathroom.  How do I know this? Well several times he manages to sneak away and I go look for him as he is suspiciously quiet.  I find him standing in the bathroom entrance,  just standing; as he sees me he just turns and smirks. The little devil, he is totally testing his boundaries. Or he runs up to the TV and just raises his hand to motion he may press something and turns and looks at us.  Smart…sneaky…sinisterly cute.

In all seriousness,  though he is becoming a handful,  I think,  I hope, we seem to be coping with the dos and donts and he is a pretty good kid…so far. But I can tell terrible twos will be a doozy…this guy knows how to milk it and his smirks tell me he will be a risk taker, or a rule breaker…sigh.

One thing is for sure, though I know when I need to put on my poker face, I totally don’t mind giving in to the momma calls occasionally.  The way this guy is growing,  I am sure I will be longing to hear it. So I am not minding his suck-up tactics…I love my momma calls 😉

I should record it…ok I already have…a few times…hehehe.

Caiden’s momma

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