My little Valentine… the sweetest candy

I’m not big on celebrating Valentine’s day, honestly I’m not just saying that.  It’s not a cynical thing,  I just feel that flowers and candy on unexpected days mean more.  That and,  ok, I get mad when Vick spends triple the value on flowers.  But it’s a cute day nonetheless.  It usually falls on a weekday,  so you go to work, come home and go for dinner and what not. However,  this year I got to spend the whole day with my jellybean.  We went to dispute a speeding ticket and won…so made a mini day of it and went for lunch,  got Valentines from the cousins, and I had to and pick up a little keepsake for him also.  I came home and snapped a few pics to commemorate my baby’s first V day (though it was with mommy) and realized I didn’t get my husband anything…well except a text message.  Ooops…what’s supposed to be the purpose again?  I told you I’m no good at Valentine’s Day!

Seems as I’ve turned it into another “Caiden’s firsts”. Well I love my sugar…and here’s a collage for my love of his loves.

Dedicated to my husband,  we missed you!

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