An Amazing Photographer: Cathy Kam

We decided to get Caiden’s 6 month portraits done.  It’s such a fun and interactive stage to remember. It also is considered a milestone in the sense it’s, quite literally,  the halfway point between newborn and toddler.  I really wanted to memorize him at this point,  as he’s growing so fast!

While searching and contacting photographers, I came across the work of Cathy Kam. I loved her work and quickly got in touch and booked a session.  I’m so happy with her shots!  Caiden is a spunky,  happy,  fun baby…she captured that charm in his photos!

The whole experience was a breeze with her, and I truly loved the results.

Here is a link to her blog where she features Caiden.   I highly recommend Cathy for any baby/child/family photos!  Just visit:

Click here to view Caiden’s 6 month photos by Cathy Kam.

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