Roly Poly Oly

This little guy of mine, well he’s not so little, is full of energy and is a super frisky munchkin!  He’s not crawling, honestly I’m in no hurry for that,  but moves around like crazy.  This was indicative in my belly however… he was active even then.

Before, diaper changes were a breeze; not anymore folks! Caiden now wants to roll over,  constantly, kick, play, hide under any fabric object,  all while, yes, I try to change him.  As crazy as it gets it’s incredibly endearing to see. Wow, he’s getting stronger,  bigger and more playful by the day.  My once simple baby is developing not only motor and physical skills,  but a vibrant and enthusiastic personality – to boot!  When you hold him upright,  or if in his exer-saucer, he goes ballistic jumping up and down.  When you give him a blanket,  he plays peek-a-boo.  When you put him on his back and try to put a onesie on, he rolls on to his stomach and giggles.  I love it… though yes it’s a bit tougher.

All this new activity is kind of scary though.  Scary in the sense that he will be mobile soon, after which come the inevitable falls,  bumps,  and bangs. I can’t picture myself being gracefully accepting of that…he’s too precious.  Ok, yes I may be a little attached,  but whatever.  I realize there’s nothing you can do… as he grows he will explore,  which is fantastic.  He is becoming an actual person wanting to do things himself and it’s officially a stage he’s entering where the ball will be rolling faster and faster,  as he grows exponentially fast and becomes less dependent on us for movement.

I kind of like him still needing mommy, but I know that stage is nearing its expiration  in a sense (more realized as I know my maternity leave will be up in a few months).  Feels like I’m not ready, wasn’t he just born?  Well I guess that’s how every mother feels.  Instead of looking at my list of things to do, I think I will just make the most of every day I get to spend with Caiden before we both have to do our own things.

Ahhh my baby is growing so fast,  not to be corny but seriously where does the fricking time go???

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