Bookstores and Beverages

One of my favourite “mommy and me” dates includes hot chocolate and a visit to the bookstore. It’s the kids date in Vancouver.

It started when it was just Caiden and I. We spent some “Caiden and Mommy time” going to a local coffee shop and cuddling on a chair together enjoying some hot chocolate and cuddles. It became a very common past time and effortlessly translated to doing so with Rayna as well.

Whether it’s just one on one with one of the kids, or with both, I’m very happy and warmed to say that this is one of the best dates, and easiest, for me to have with the kids.

Going to get hot chocolate, or rather “coffee” as Rayna calls it, has given us a chance to get away and sit and enjoy some company where we conversate. Now, if you don’t think that kids can conversate, well then we are living in different parallels.

Going out for a beverage and a treat is usually enjoyable enough, they get to choose something they want to enjoy, have some joy in being in a “grown-up” environment, they sit and enjoy and cuddle, and it’s always endearing.

Some of the best coffee dates over the past couple of years has truly been with my children.

Caiden always loved saying hi to people, he would have the biggest smile on his face and as he’s grown now he takes these times to actually talk about things he loves, what he doesn’t love, and cuddle next to me and simply say things like “I love you mom.” Yes, he really is that sweet.

Rayna, she takes these dates just as any girlfriend does. She is particular about drinking it from the cup (not a straw these days) and sitting down with a snack, and taking her time to talk about what she saw on a show, or tell me about her favourite puppy and aspirations (either her being a Vet or a mermaid princess).

These dates mean the world to me.

When we have a little extra time, we like to take a walk down to the nearest bookstore and spend some time in there. The kids both have, and still do, enjoy this.

What do we do at the bookstore?

We actually browse, we find corners and read, and then we browse cool new items we find. It’s simply amazing to watch a kid in a bookstore. There are so many pictures and you can see the wheels turning in their minds. I love watching where they will head or pick out. And yes, we usually leave with at least one book each.

Kidsbooks in Vancouver -

So, if you are thinking of spending some time with the kids, but can’t think of something “fun” to do, don’t discount how the very most simple of things can be the most precious and enjoyable things.

Just some beverages and books.

Our favourite, and most often visited combo of cafes and bookstores include:

Thomas Haas and KidBooks

Trafiq and Book Warehouse

Starbucks and Chapters Indigo

In addition, it also makes for a great dual mommy and tots date!!

Hot chocolate at Trafiq, mom and kids dates in Vancouver

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