Wake Up Your Inner Champion and Your Kids Too

Awaken Your Inner Champion was an eye-opening series I took, and I never looked back.

I saw her first speak at a conference called Leading Moms. She was striking, but not only because she was a confident speaker but what she says rings true…for all. She knew about negative thoughts, we sometimes each battle and that we are our biggest inner critics. She knew that within us we could quiet that voice and rise to any challenge and come out more positive. She did that. And she helps others do that…every day.

Her name, Ranbir Puar. A TEDx Speaker, Writer, and Life Coach, and overall amazing human being.

After hearing her speak, listen to her story, and her amazing way of taking a situation and talking the self down from negative thoughts…I was hooked. She struck me as courageous but also someone to look up to. She spoke in a way that connected you, even sitting in a seat while her being on stage.

It was sometime after that where I took her course “Awaken Your Inner Champion.”


It was here where she dwelved, live, into each aspect of criticizing yourself, discovering what hinders you, how to quiet that critic, how to achieve positivity and a mindset that will allow you to feel free and do what you will. It truly was an eye-opening experience for me. Since then, I have highly recommended anyone take that course. I was able to shut down effectively, anytime my criticizing self came out (even though I didn’t realize I did that), but I also relearned how to take some time for myself to meditate and calm my mind whenever I felt stressed. This has been so helpful for me personally and truly when opportunities I have been long seeking starting coming to life.

I highly recommend it for all!

Awakening Your Kid’s Inner Champion!

Fast forward to today, Ranbir is still offering this program, but also one catered to kids and teens. Something that is absolutely needed and essential for our youth.

Ranbir is now offering an online course called “Awaken Your Inner Champion – For Kids and Teens”. If you have a child or teen, that can benefit from a course like this, I highly recommend it. The on-demand format not only allows your child to gain invaluable knowledge but also gives you tools to create a more peaceful home environment.  

kids and child positivity, inner champion course

inner champion for children and teens course

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to nag at your kids to do their homework, or brush their teeth? Wouldn’t it be great if your son wasn’t worried about being teased?  What if he could truly understand why that kid was behaving in such a poor manner?  This would be a game changer.

But nothing happens magically.  For starters, you have to sign up for this course.  Have your child watch the videos and do the homework.  You should do it too. That way you are on the same page as your child(ren).  

Some information on the inner champion courses

The course is yours for a lifetime (and has a 30 day money back guarantee).  Just how it should be, low risk, high reward.

Here are some highlights of what your child will gain from this course:

  • what the self-image is and why it is vital
  • how to create a strong self-image
  • how to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions
  • how to create empowering mind-habits
  • how to manage comparisons and use the success of others as inspiration
  • how to understand and handle worrying, anxiety, and fear
  • how to calm your mind and body
  • how to apply these lessons in everyday situations

To register for the courses for kids and teens, click on the links below. I know you, or your kids will be happy you did.

Awaken Your Inner Champion For Kids and Teens

LIVE COACHING OPTION – Awakening Your Inner Champion – For Kids & Teens


There is also a course to help parents. “Building Strong Parents – A Foundation Class”

In my experience, whether you feel you need it or not, anyone can benefit from coaching, either for yourself, your children or family.

parent coaching
Learn about building a stronger foundation as a parent.

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