Tocador Took Me Back To Cuba

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My husband and I visited Cuba, Varadero specifically, on our honeymoon. We have fond memories there, not only of the culture and the people we experienced but because of the food. Yes, that is right, the food.

When I normally say that, people are often shocked. I suppose because of the limitations they may have been told or experienced themselves. While that may be the case on some of the eateries on the resort, it certainly is not reflective of Cuba. When you leave to explore the streets and meet with people minding their own local eateries in the markets or in Havana, you may think differently.  Till this day, the best Pina Colada I have ever had (and I have had a few in my day) has been in Cuba.

So, when Tocador opened on Main street, you are sure I was keen on it. It was on my list of new restaurants to try in our area.

To my pleasure, I was pleased…very pleased. - Drinks at Tocador Main street

What To Drink

If you are stuck on what to order to drink, just ask. The staff is very open to assessing your likes and dislikes to either suggest something or create something just right.

May I recommend the Bird Conspiracy. The perfect combination of tart and yum, with a vibrant splash of citrus and coconut.  Not too strong, just right for this non-gin drinker.

What To Eat

Now there are a few items on the menu, I still need to try. But, if you want a little taste of Cuban delight, you cannot go wrong with the Cubano. This sandwich was mouth-wateringly bang-on. The ham, pickles, the bread…reminded me of sophisticated market-place sandwiches, served with plantain chips – you just can’t go wrong.

Gambas Fritas (Fried Prawns) is also a great appie. The prawns were large and served with a delicious sauce…for me, the sauce won me over and stole the limelight on this dish.

The whole idea is the share and eat, so the kitchen also creates a large share plate which changes regularly, so ask your server what’s on the menu when you go – a great way to sample and taste a few items.


The decor is fun and bright, the atmosphere is lively and musical. It’s a great fit for an evening of tapas, drinks, and conversation. Perfect to give you a positive vibe, get you happy, and just good feels all around.

It isn’t a particularly large venue, so I wouldn’t plan for a large gathering, but perfect for a date night.

In fact…I may plan another there soon!


For the type of venue, the menu was good. I don’t think you need to have an extensive menu to capture attention in this case. The choices covered something for everyone, and best to share a few items, in my opinion.

I don’t recommend it for the kids. It is a nice place for a date night, or a night out with the girls. The music is lively and just perfect for an adult only vibe.

Staff was more than happy to go over the menu, suggest drinks, move tables and ensured our experience was pleasant. I really love visiting places where I feel the staff knows the menu well and tried things themselves, and this was definitely the case.

Given the share plates change occasionally, and given the vibe was so positive, and I truly enjoyed what I ate and drank – yes, I will be visiting again!


All opinions in this post were my own, this is not a sponsored post. Photos courtesy of Tocador

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