A Vancouver Gem – Breka Bakery & Cafe Is Opening Yet Another Location

Have you been to Breka Bakery?

If you live in Vancouver or have friends or family that live in Vancouver, the answer is likely YES!

Arguably once a hidden gem located on the corner of 49th and Fraser in South Vancouver, this family-owned bakery became well known for its pastries, cakes, treats and drinks. For the lunch or snacking patrons there is always an array of beautifully crafted sandwiches and paninis.

Since moving to Vancouver over 10 years ago, it has become my favourite spot to enjoy a treat or pick one up.

Fast forward to today, Breka has grown.  Many have become aware of its crave-worthy goods (I’m thinking of a few as I write this post) and suddenly the stores have reached all over the city.

One of the coolest aspects is the fact that all locations are 24 hours and offer some of the most popular items.

breka bakery
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Breka currently has six locations, all in Vancouver, BC:

  • 4554 Main St・Newest location, in Mount Pleasant (woot woot)
  • 6533 Fraser St – The Original
  • 812 Bute St
  • 855 Davie St
  • 3750 W 4th Ave
  • 821 Denman St

Best Sellers & Favourites

There are so many different items, quite literally something for everyone and all fall in different categories.

Personally, I love their cheesecakes, the Beininstich (a German cake with creme and almonds glazed to perfection), the bocconcini and pesto sandwich, and their iced mochas. My favourite cake to get on my birthday is always their classic Vanilla. It’s the softest sponge that can be cut with a fork without being overpoweringly sweet; denotes a beautiful harmony of cake and heaven. Their doughnuts are something that should never be overlooked, in fact, one of their newest creation, the Early Gray… well, there aren’t any words.

Some of the most popular best-sellers or well-known items include the kuffles, bieninstich and all cakes. The sandwiches also are all very strong sellers, as well as their in-house drinks and juices.


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About The Marine Gateway Location

Bakery & Cafe is further expanding and moving into a new space at Marine Landing, a planned multi-use industrial and office complex in South Vancouver near the Marine Gateway hub.

The new 6,500-square-feet space as a bakery to supply their six existing locations in the region, as well as to provide cafe space to serve customers in the building and the fast-growing transit-oriented neighborhood.

Marine Landing by Wesbild and KingSett Capital will be a twinned, six-storey industrial and office complex. It is located on Manitoba Street, just south of SW Marine Drive.


Learning about this new location brought instant joy to my heart. I truly love seeing family-owned businesses grow, and especially ones that I have had in my life since their first location.

It confirms two things… #1 Breka is amazing and it’s high time the rest of the city (and Metro Vancouver) knows it. #2 I sure know how to pick good eateries.

To learn more about Breka, check out their social media.

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