The Supplements I Give My Kids Daily and Why

kids supplements

Kids and health, it’s what every parent stresses about at some point.

Normally the stress circles around what they are eating, if they are eating enough, and wondering if they are nourished enough. Trust me, I don’t think that worry ever completely fades… no matter how much you stock your fridge with fresh produce and proteins.

The truth is, we do our best.

My best, I know, includes subsiding my concerns with knowing that they are still picky eaters to some degree. Couple that with them doing activities, going to school, and who knows what they do when I am not around, I want to ensure that I am boosting their immune and gut health. For me, both are a priority.

As a result, I have landed on a solid supplement routine that works for my kids. I have tried a number of supplements (some I love, some I think are awful).

I will list what the kids currently take, and in each category will list other brands or supplements I have tried that are also great options.

Supplements are a bit “buyer beware” and many sit on drugstore aisles that may or may not provide an actual benefit or are loaded with sugars, hence why research is always important and choosing what works best for you.

That’s the mothering motto “what works best for you.”

Here are my Kids Supplements


I give the kids a multi-vitamin every day. The one I currently use is the Organika Multi-Vitamin spray. It provides all the essentials, including Vitamin D, and makes me feel assured that they are getting what they need even if they are not always eating it.

I do love that it’s a quick two sprays and they are done, vs. having to chew another supplement and makes the process faster.

I also have used and also love: Genestra Active Multi, Herbaland, and SmartyPants.

If shopping for Organika online, use code: CHRISTINA25 for 25% off at checkout!


omega supplements

Taking Omega-3 is important for the whole family. Not only does it help with brain and eye development, it also helps with circulation, reducing inflammation, and aids in reducing the risk of heart disorders. It’s also good for joint support and great for kids as they grow.

I like the Omega Avail, and haven’t seemed to break away from it. It’s delicious, the high potent formulation comes in Orange Sherbert or Mango, and the kids look forward to it. They take a teaspoon where I take a tablespoon.

Others to try include the Chewable Omegas by Douglas Laboratories or Genestra.

Probiotics & Extra Immune: Zinc with Vitamin C

My kids take a probiotic every day to help keep healthy gut flora and aid their digestion, and also help immune support.  I couple that with added immune support of zinc and Vitamin C.

Currently, we are taking the Organika Kids Probiotic, which is a yummy chewable. I pair that with a teaspoon of Organika Zinc and Vitamin C.

With every cold, flu, and all else that is going on, this gives me the confidence I’m boosting their immunity a bit extra when they need.

I have also used and also love: Genestra Home To School Prebiotics with Vitamin D, and for extra immune support the Douglas Laboratories Vita-Immune.

If shopping for Organika online, use code: CHRISTINA25 for 25% off at checkout!

Other Vitamins

Other ones that I may give, depending on the season, if something is missing in the current supplement I am giving them, or if I feel like they need an added boost.

Vitamin D – I used to give them a drop of my Vitamin D supplement if I felt they were not getting it from the other supplements. This helps with immunity and bone development.

Vitamin A – Organika came up with a vison support supplement with Vitamin A. This is a chewable that gives added support to eye development. I just started using it, but don’t give it daily, only because they are taking a multi. However, sometimes on tablet and video game days, I’m giving it in the rotation.

If shopping for Organika online, use code: CHRISTINA25 for 25% off at checkout!


So that’s it, those are my kids supplements. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. You can also follow me on Instagram and send me your messages.


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