Mount Pleasant is Becoming A Hub For Best Food in Vancouver

I may be biased, as I live in (well technically near) Mount Pleasant. I always have enjoyed and loved the various cafes and eateries available close to home.

I feel surrounded by food bliss and there is always more opening.

However, I seem to not be sitting entirely in a bubble of bias. Restaurants in this area are being noted as some of the best places to eat or check out in Vancouver. So much so that in this year’s Vancouver Magazine’s Restaurant Awards, Mount Pleasant was very represented.

A Review Of The 2021 Awards

Just to recap, in case you missed it, there were a number of restaurants on Main Street, Fraser Street, and area that cleaned out in the 32nd annual Vancouver Magazine awards. It reaffirmed to me that I am surrounded by so many great places to eat. 

In my backyard, I can dine a vast menu of epicurean options, be it casual, ethnic, fine or culinary genius. 

Here are some of the recipients from the hood.  I am just mentioning those in and around Mount Pleasant. You will quickly see just how much of a food hub this neighbourhood has become. 

Best New Restaurant

SILVER: Published on Main, 3593 Main St.
BRONZE: Say Mercy!, 4298 Fraser St.

Best Pizza (Takeout)

GOLD: Via Tevere, 1190 Victoria Dr.
SILVER: AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint, 325 E Broadway
BRONZE: Pizzeria Farina, 915 Main St.
HONOURABLE MENTIONS:  Sprezzatura, 265 Kingsway

Best Sushi (Takeout)

GOLD: Masayoshi, 4376 Fraser St.

Best Casual (Takeout)

GOLD: Superbaba, 2419 Main St. and Potluck Hawker Eatery, 3424 Cambie St.
BRONZE: Downlow Chicken, 905 Commercial Dr.
HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Livia,1399 Commercial Dr.

Best Burger (Takeout)

HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Downlow Burgers, 926 Main St.

Best Pivot (during the pandemic)

SILVER: Pepino’s/Caffè la Tana, 631-35 Commercial Dr.
BRONZE: Say Mercy!, 4298 Fraser St.
HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Burdock & Co, 2702 Main St.

Love Where You Live, Eat Where You Live

Before I moved here, I didn’t realize how many places there were to eat and drink around Main Street and surrounding areas. I started just capturing photos and enjoying the area I now call my home. 

I found myself always discovering a new gem (some not so hidden) and new restaurants always opening up. 

Like every foodie, I have my list of must-eat at places, and my list started to more and more encompass the area I live. 

However, seeing the validation that others are quickly recognizing the beauty in the culinary expertise that is in this area is a beautiful revelation. There are so many places to explore where you live. 

In Vancouver, there are endless options to enjoy West Coast, pizza, sushi, takeout, etc. Knowing the Mount Pleasant hosts some of the best in the city is just perfectly ratioed icing on the cake. 


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