“What I Have Learned” Series – Featured Mommy: Valerie Singh

Valerie Singh is mommy to two amazingly gorgeous boys, Nashaan (4) and Aryaan (7 months).

Being the only girl in the house means being ok with having a man cave in the house, being the female Spiderman (when all the boys choose Spiderman costumes for Halloween), learning how to make a tent or fort vs. a tea table setting, and having fun playing with cars and trucks.

Valerie knows what it means to be a busy bee and a mom that is there for everyone, creating the perfect home and environment for her sons and husband is a core value.  Valerie has a career as an interior designer/architectural draftsmen, her and her husband are always finding new home projects and revamping their home, home decorating is a passion and hobby.  In addition to that, she has a cake business, Cake Therapy, where she makes delicious and gorgeous custom designed cakes and cupcakes for any occasion.

Valerie does all this, and more, amidst raising 2 boys. This lady surely has a lot on the go and says balance is the main ingredient to make it all work.

Did you always know you wanted to be a mom?
Yes.  I always loved playing with kids and could see myself playing with my own one day.  To tell you the truth, I always liked to play house, classroom and make-believe kids games.  As I got older, and my siblings stopped playing those games with me, I was excited to do that with my own kids.

What would you say is your biggest learning(s) since being a mom?
Patience.  Seriously, patience.  Sometimes I don’t always have it, it can be hard, but I try.  I don’t want to be yelling all the time.  So I decided to pay more attention when I am calmer…which helps.  Also, I learned that sometimes I just have to let them do what they got to do…kids are kids and need to learn things on their own too.

What, if anything, was the hardest thing about transitioning to mommyhood?
Time management.  Running a house, and doing it all…while also baking cakes and running a business.  Not any one thing can’t get done, so you have to find a way to balance everything you have going on and make it work.  So I have to manage my time well and prioritize…I have a schedule on days I am busy, and make sure that my kids do too, and make a list of the most important things for the day.  This helps a lot, and some days are smoother than others, but being a mom and wanting to do things I love means just making it work.

What is your favourite thing to do with your children?
Play!!!!  I love playing kids games and this never gets old.  I love building tents at night with my 4 year old, and his imagination; I love we have that to share.  And my baby, I love making Ary laugh, he has the cutest laugh.

Is there any item or anything in general you would say is a must-have for parents?  and why?
Natural Teething Drops, I used Camilia, they are the best.  I never felt I was giving them too much medication, but it works like a charm.
Good Ol’ Sophie.  That giraffe really is a hit with the kids, they love it.  It is a splurge, but they really really love it, and that is one toy you will not lose.

What advice would you give to new moms?
It’s really simple – just enjoy every stage because they grow so fast!

Valerie isn’t just playing house, she’s living it daily and enjoying every moment.  She can be found cooking, baking or decorating year round.  To contact her about her amazing cakes please email caketherapy2013@gmail.com

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