Blueberry Banana French Toast

What’s better than french toast on a Sunday morning? The answer is Blueberry French Toast!

I love making French Toast.  It’s simple, it’s easy, everyone loves it, and it’s not as unhealthy as one may think, if you make it yourself.

Here is my recipe, which I promise is super easy, that you will find you have enough time to make it even on a weekday.

Turning Mommy: Blueberry French Toast
My family eats this up.  I do not add syrup, I am completely weary of too much sugars in the morning, and try to avoid it as much as possible.  I also try to sneak in fruits as much as possible and try recipes that include them (total bonus).  With this recipe, because of the cinnamon and bananas, and the touch of sugar (if wanted) on the crust…I don’t think you will miss syrup either.
I make it with whole wheat toast…yes I do.  And no, it does not compromise the taste.
Check it out, your little ones will eat it up!


Whole wheat bread
Sugar (optional)
Skim milk


In a flat dish, mix up eggs and skim milk, equal parts.  I use 3 eggs, and it makes about 5 pieces of toast.  Mix up well.
Take a half banana, mash very well (until liquidy), and add to egg mixture.  If it is lumpy, it is fine.
In a small saucer, mix a blend of cinnamon and sugar, 3 parts cinnamon and 1 part sugar.  However, if you want to you can eliminate the sugar altogether.
Warm a non-stick skillet to med-high heat.
Dip the bread fully in the egg/milk mixture.  Once coated, dip the edges in the cinnamon mixture.
Add the dipped bread to the skillet.  While on skillet, add blueberries (insert directly into bread while wet).
Cook the bread until dry and nicely browned on both sides.
While still hot, spread a light amount of non-hydrogenated margarine, sprinkle with cinnamon and top with sliced bananas.

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