Turning Mommy – Part 2

I know I have been slacking a bit here,  but hey life gets busy.  I’m a working mommy, come home to spend time with my beautiful family,  have dinner,  cleanup,  play,  prep for the next day,  bedtime routine it up, then pass out…get up and do it all again.   It may sound routine,  but it isn’t quite that simple,  but I enjoy it.

This is life with an active and growing toddler who is full of wonder and energy, and learning the art of the dreaded….tantrum. It definitely is an energy-filled stage,  we have to be on our toes watching the little bugger. It amazes me how he just imitates and learns things.  For example,  if he sees a towel, no doubt he tries to wipe everything in sight;  if he sees a broom he will be sweeping until his arms tire; gets a hold of our phone and he has a full conversation (in his baby language) and tries to swipe up and down.  So interesting and cute,  and sometimes frustrating (I refer to the newly realized tantrums when he doesn’t get his way,  whoa baby my boy has some pipes) this little person is.  As Caiden grows,  it’s a constant learning for us, as well as him… and it’s amazing to be able to focus on that.

But we also realize he is getting older and before too long we think he may need a sibling too.  A sibling to grow with,  teach, build a relationship with, and bond with… hopefully without too big an age gap (by our preference).  He does love kids and playing with others.

Sometimes I think,  wow how can you manage a toddler and a baby?  But it’s been done and if you are tired now perhaps knock it all out while you are on a roll…maybe…yeah I think so…right?…YES!  The answer is yes for us!

Friends, we are happy to announce that I am indeed once again turning mommy.  Caiden will be a big brother,  and our family is ready to welcome another angel, coming June 28.

I know that we have this little wonder of what the next personality will be like,  because Caiden is a character and a half, but so far the pregnancies feel different.  So I am sure we will have our fair share of stories for the next few years to come.

Stay tuned…turning mommy part 2…it’s happening!


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