Top 10 Things About Being a Mommy

1.  Watching them sleep at night, so peaceful and angelic and cute…you forget all the tiredness of chasing them during the day

2.  Tiny arms and hands wrapping around you with full warmth…you forget they also know by now to pull hair

3.  Hearing a baby laugh is literally the most precious sound in the world

4.  You can bask in hearing how beautiful your baby is and you say to yourself “yup I made that”

5.  You get VIP seats to all the stages in their growing life…as you are their biggest fan. Then you don’t hesitate to record and share with loved ones what’s the newest accomplishment

6.  You have a legitimate reason to relive your childhood; watch sesame street, play with blocks, read Robert Munch, display stuffed animals

7.  It’s cool to go to bed at 9

8.  Maternity leave (thank the lord we get a full year because you need it)

9.  You will never be bored…again

10.  No matter how tough it can be, how worried you get, how stressful a stage may be, or how tired you get…you feel absolute glee like never before. No other gig gives that satisfaction

….this is all of course before they start talking…

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