Daddy’s Little ?

Well friends, third trimester is a bit different…full of swollen feet, tiring much sooner, uncomfortable sleeps, feeling huge and making things like bending to pick up something a challenge. Also, much to my amazement, pregnancy brain is a real phenomenon!

However, some of the most amazing things happen too.

Peanut moves a tonne, and on top of just feeling kicks, you can literally see this munchkin moving about, often what looks like a jump! The craziest is when one night I felt this lump, hard, just on one side; sure enough I found out that was peanut’s head, hubby freaked out…I must admit very trippy indeed. Sometimes I can see my belly stick out on one side when peanut is chilling in a particular area. I often catch myself just staring at my belly, wondering “hmm what are you going to do next?”  I know I’m a freak, but I love this entertainment.

Now interestingly enough do you know when peanut is most active? You guessed it…party hour, late night, shutting the club down time, hence why I’m blogging so late. Dancing or “ripping it” in mommy’s belly, clearly, this is Vick Jr. So with peanut already kicking up a storm and ripping it, boy or girl, we may have trouble, and some kleats to buy. Oh just like Daddy it seems.

We decided to try a 3D ultrasound. A very cool experience, which I definitely recommend. So after we pay for this and go in and see peanut live…this homeboy/girl decides to sleep! My party animal baby was all curled up, hands and feet covering its face, not wanting to move at all. We tried to wake peanut and managed to see, only for a bit, the face, a big yawn, and eyes open and close! Amazing! But sure enough peanut didn’t want to move and back to comfortable sleep he/she went. Stubborn and sleeping in weird positions…also just like Daddy.

I wonder what traits of mine peanut will have? So far my baby is really resembling hubby, but time will tell.  I guess I better rest, I may have my hands full very soon.

7-10 Weeks left…tick tock.


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