5 Foods I Love That My Kids Love

Turning Mommy Foods Kids Love for Picky Eaters
At some point, all, well I don’t know about all, but I hear, kids go through a “picky eater” phase. When they are learning to eat they are blissfully unaware and open to putting basically anything in their mouths. As they get older, they develop more resistance, despite your best attempt to expose them to everything.
Caiden had recently gone through that and just starting to come back around, though still a few hurdles to go. I noticed my anxiety of him getting enough nutrition getting quite high. Though this is a common stage, I couldn’t help it. Well, I am always on the hunt for healthy snacks and creating simple things in the kitchen, that is still yummy and nutritious.
Here are 5 things that I am so thankful that both kids enjoy, because I can always jam pack some nutrition in there.
1.  Pancakes and/or French Toast This is great, so I can pack in some wholesome items in the batters. I opt to add things like chia, flax, and berries and other fruit. Doing so, they eat it up without flinching. A really great item to use here is Seedibles. A tonne of fibre and protein, makes a one-dimensional food more versatile in its nutrition profile.
2.  Crunchy Foods They love things that go “crunch”. So I try to include some crunch in snacks to make sure they have snacks they will actually eat. Things like cucumbers and carrots go over well.  Popcorn and chips are of course desired…so what I learned to do is make things like pita chips and kale chips at home.  It’s a hit!! Just take these items, break into chip sized amounts, place on a baking sheet, add olive oil and choice seasoning and back to a crisp.
3.  Smoothies Not much to say here. They call it milkshakes, I use only fruit and milk and/or yogurt…add some extra stuff like flax or Seedibles and awesomeness!! Add in a nut butter and BAM you got yourself some healthy fats and protein to boot!
4.  Rice or Pasta This is kind of a hidden trick. I’m not big on trickery…but hey, it has made me sigh with relief, so whatever!  For some reason, starch was never a questionable food to Caiden, but he went through a phase of not wanting to eat meat or eggs etc. Now when I make rice or pasta, I mix in the veggies and the protein food all together and it goes down pretty easy. Works well with eggs, meat, fish, legumes or lentils and any cook-able veggies.
5.  Yogurt I love yogurt, not the sugar packed kind, it has such great things like calcium, protein, and probiotics.  So knowing they enjoy it, makes me super pleased. I make it fun still by doing things like mixing it with fruit and freezing it, so they think its yogurt candy…food can be fun too.
So that’s 5 things that help with even the pickiest of eaters at my home.
This mom can go to bed happy that they got some nutrition during their day…I can’t help it.

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