This New Journey…

Becoming a mother, I thought, was my biggest change to happen in my life. Transitioning from a selfish point of view to completely putting others needs first (from a taking care of standpoint that is), is something that seems like a huge change.  It was, that is for sure. However, I was semi-prepared and, albeit nervous, was just ok with whatever unknowns it came with.

Now I realize that is not the biggest challenge or new feat. I have taken on a new challenge, a new journey, a new feat…if you will.

After maternity, we decided it was best for me not to return to my job. The kids are so young and with daycare demands, the fact Caiden will be starting preschool, and scarce babysitting,  is it ideal?  I, however, need to work. That is a given. Do I now go back begrudgingly and unsure of my next steps in my career? Wonder if it is still in the right direction for me, quieting that voice in me saying you aren’t following your passion and path? Or continue feeling uncertainty in my true self?

The answer was no.

It was screaming NO.

However, loud that no was, I needed courage and a plan. I realized quickly that what I needed was to work from home. Regardless of that, I needed to do it on my own…part of all that came writing.  Writing is what I love. I love to create for people, for myself and for my mind.

I need to do this. I mean how long am I going to wonder what I can do and/or should do next? It is fine to follow a path, but when it is time to re-evaluate that path, one must listen.  For your happiness depends on it.

I need to reignite my passion for helping people through really finding ways to share my tips on how to stay healthy, even for the busy moms out there. I need to explore my drive to write, for people and myself. I need to continue looking at managing projects and events,  planning and organizing, as some skills I excel in.

I need to finally become a freelance writer/ contractor.

So I did.

This is so new, this start of my life doing freelance writing, editing, projects and, possibly, events.  It is scary to not know what type of income it will generate and if I will be a success. However, I need to try.  And it is time I try.

So many moments I thought, “am I crazy?”  Who leaves a corporate job with a steady pay cheque for a world of the unknown and unsteady?

A lot of moms.

It may be tough but if this is something I have been thinking about forever, and I want to teach my kids to do what they love, then it is about time.

So here I am.  On this new journey, scared,  nervous, and optimistic. I will need to network,  hustle, be creative and market. I will need to work late hours on many nights and penny-pinch at first. I will question my sanity along the way. However, I am finally following what I feel is right, at least for now. It may change,  but this is me, at this juncture in my life.

I conquered the new mom phase, and now it’s time for me to do the new mompreneur phase.

So here we go…

For any writing, editing,  or project/event management needs please feel free to message me directly. 

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