Tri-Colour Fruit Pops

Fruit Popsicle turning mommy
If you know me well, you know I love creating frozen snacks.  Now that I’m a mom, seeing the amount of sugar in anything that looks exciting to a toddler, frightens me….literally.
While I am no drill sergeant and do allow Caiden to have treats here and there, I do prefer that for the majority he is consuming stuff relatively healthy.  With summer just around the corner, ice cream and popsicles are going to be in high demand.  So I like to have some yummies on hand.
I have been trying out new frozen treats, and this baby was a slam dunk.  My son loved it, my baby loved it…I loved it…and no sugar!
It requires just a bit of patience and a blender…and fruit.  Ok I added a few extra things here and there.  These particular pops, I went for tropical flavours, strawberries, pineapples and watermelon, and went together well.  I also snuck in some chia seeds into one of the layers.  I mean why not add some additional nutrition, and chia seeds are great for those polyunsaturated fats, B12 and fibre…all that make the pops more healthy, but not in an obvious way.
Like most of my recipes, the ingredients/flavours can be played around with, so have fun with it.
(I say that a lot don’t I?)
Check it out…so yum!
Strawberry Layer:
Blend together well ripened fresh strawberries, whole milk and a dash of vanilla.
Once blended, pour about a third (or more) of the way into the popsicle mould.  Do not put the stick in quite yet.  Let this freeze for about 15 minutes, at least.
Pineapple Layer:
If you have a pineapple, I almost always do, great, cut it up into chunks.  If you don’t, pre-cut is just as fine.  Combine some chunks, some milk and a dash of the chia seeds.  Blend away.
Pour a layer over the strawberry, however thick you like, but do not put the stick in still.
Freeze for at least 15 minutes.
Watermelon Layer:
This one is easy.  Nothing but watermelon…cut it up, blend it up and pour into the mould.  After this layer, add the stick in.  You will have to push it into the pineapple layer just slightly.
Freeze at minimum of 20 minutes more.
Turning mommy - fruit pop
Turning mommy - fruit pop

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