Breakfast is totally possible

I know how a lot of moms feel with multiple kids, life is busy from the get-go as soon as any one kid is up.  You barely have time to sleep, let alone have a good, nutritious breakfast, especially within 2 hours of waking up.  So you sometimes settle for what is around that you can heat up or can grab and eat while running after a toddler, which usually means something processed or not too fulfilling.   Your priority, rightfully, is feeding your kiddies.

Moms you need your energy too, and if still trying to lose baby weight,  you need to be eating well and on time (to keep your metabolism running optimally you should eat within two hours of waking up, and avoid sugary breakfast alternatives).
With a very active toddler, I found the trick is to eat the same breakfast.  No really.  Once your toddler is able to eat on his or her own, no need to bother with multiple breakfasts.
Here are a few breakfasts I do often with my son…quick, easy and nutritious.
Grilled cheese with eggs and spinach
Simple grilled cheese, however I add a quickly scrambled egg and some leaves of baby spinach before grilling.  This takes all but 5 min to assemble and we both enjoy it.  It also combines protein, dairy, carbohydrates for a well balanced meal.  The spinach is not overpowering and adds a good source of iron which is great for a growing toddler.

Turkey sausage, waffles and blueberries
I always have waffles in my freezer…they are perfectly fine to serve you and your child…read labels choose ones with fibre and made with whole wheat.  Turkey sausages are a lean alternative to others,  and cooks quickly.  My son loves blueberries but I mix up the fruit option to keep variety in our diet.

Cereal with yogurt and fruit
This is easy and needs no explanation.  But its simplicity doesn’t make it boring.  My son likes to have his yogurt,  fruit and cereal all on his table and tops it with his cereal and gobbles it down.   Just choose cereals not high in sugar (should not be one of top 3 ingredients) and should provide at least 2g of fibre per serving.

Cinnamon toast, yogurt and pears
This is a fan favourite at my house. I put together a blend of cinnamon and sugar and keep it on hand.  Butter some bread (opt to use non-hydrogenated margarine of course), add a sprinkle of this cinnamon blend and toast in a toaster oven or oven to your liking.   Serve with fruit and yogurt; super easy, balanced and they will love it…so will you.

Peanut butter smoothie
My toddler loves this, mostly because we make it fun and make it together.
I just add milk, bananas, frozen  strawberries and a healthy scoop of natural peanut butter.  It is delicious and nutritous and filling.

Strawberry pancakes and scrambled eggs
This is easier than it seems…I am not ashamed to buy pancake mix though. I add berries to my batter and make a couple,  this literally takes 5 minutes.  Scrambling some eggs is easy, nothing fancy there…serve with your pancakes and voila.

I am big on sneaking in some servings of fruits or veggies early in the day, and even bigger about eating breakfast.  These are easy ways I ensure I can do both, regardless of having two little ones.


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