Toddler Life

My friends, with kids, can attest to this… and though it seems like a rant, it really isn’t.  Having a young male monster that is an active toddler will keep you in shape.  They are inquisitive, fun, energetic, exhausting and hilarious.

I thought to share my list of things that  really reflect “my day” with Caiden.  I am sure many of you will nod your head in agreeance, or can foresee this coming up soon for you.

Joys of having a toddler that you will need to look forward to/prep for:

1. You will find little cars or Thomas the trains everywhere…literally everywhere (behind your fridge, under your bed, even in the cupboard).

2. You will know every show on Treehouse and watch it even when he is down, because it is just always on.

3. You will find yourself munching on kids snacks because your kid will forcefully put it in your mouth (I thought it was supposed to go the other way).

4. You will become an expert at cleaning out bath-time crayons from the teeth.

5. You will become athletic…running and catching…even if you are not sporty to begin with.

6. You will need to accept the fact that stuff will break. So don’t worry about having a decorative home for a bit.

7. You will have a spare cleaning person in your little one, well he will think so anyways,  so have a spare clean broom handy.

8. You will definitely be saying “no” as every second word.

9. You will hear “no” as every second word.

10. You will find food on your floor, couch, under the coffee table… basically anywhere but the actual kitchen table.

Ohhhh…you will have fun though, I promise.

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