My Endless Day, That is Still Going…

They say when it rains it pours…I say when it pours, put the kids to bed and pour open the wine!

I am all about positive loving parenting and spreading that warm, precious, heart clenching feeling.  That is all there, even in the bad days…but I would not be honest if I were to say I didn’t sometimes want to scream “ok seriously??”.

Let’s keep it real.  We are moms and we are always lushing over our kids and love them to pieces and see glitter and rainbows when they poop.  Yeah right…not always sunshine.

Let me run down my day.

My car…eh-hem…my parked car gets crashed into…although it is not my fault, I had to spend the entire day talking to insurance, gathering information, estimates and a rental.  Fricking sucks…and although accidents happen, it seems unfair that, me being innocent, it still creates grief and headache for me.  Now I am stuck and wasted a day where I planned to have a shower.  There goes that.

Rayna decides today I will stand up in my crib and practice leaning over.  So of course,  lowering crib had to be done today, and for some reason did not go smoothly.  It was a series of “why is this harder than last time” feelings.  After which, led to her then deciding she completely hates her crib and wants to only nap/sleep in my arms.  (I am writing this while she is on top of me…her sweat and drool has created a nice puddle on my neckline.)

All while Caiden decides today is the day I will run around with my blue crayon and draw portraits on the walls, closet and my face.  Thank god they are washable and he likes to clean.

At dinner, they collectively decide they would like to drop dinner on the floor…one at a time…and then I join in by accidentally having my plate flop over…all after I have cleaned up their mess of course.

Babies eat and get clean.  Caiden asks for pudding.  I did leave him for 2 hours (to run and get car estimates) but took Rayna, so I thought he deserves a little treat.  That and the fact he actually asked to eat something had me over the moon.  I leave him be…tend to Rayna…only to come back and see he has fed his entire cast of angry bird toys the pudding, with his hands, and decided his shirt decided some pudding love too.   Yes he already had his shower.

Finally ready for bed.  FINALLY.  Caiden has his warm milk in his sip bottle.  I walk away for .5 seconds…and of course the sound of a bottle hitting hardwood floor ensues.  Sympathetically he says “sorry mommy…”   Of course…why not let the day end with spilled milk.

Finally the kids are asleep.

They look so precious when they sleep.

They are so quiet.

What a fricking day.  I deserve a drink with hubs.  I ask him to pour me one…I won’t have to feed now.

I can chillax.

I sit.  I sip.  I sigh.

The day was a monsoon of craziness.  At several moments I impressed myself by not snapping.  Vick was at work, but if I didn’t have his guidance or encouragment that it will be all good…I might have gone into a corner and cried a little bit.  But it was all good.

Sometimes things get piled on.  But even the toughest of days come to an end and the silence makes you appreciate that you are kind of a big deal…damn we do alot.

Yes managed to also do 2 loads of laundary and dishes and order Rayna’s birthday supplies and email 2 preschools.

Ok time to relax.

Ohhh Bachlerotte was Pvr’d…how thoughtful of Vick.  Ah one nice sip…my legs feel awesome now that they are off the ground.



Silly mommy…you’re not done yet.

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