I love the way you talk.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly kids pick up language, words, and even emotions?
It’s dope.
Turning Mommy: Babies Talking
The process of learning how to talk is so fascinating to me, not to mention it is so beyond cute to hear baby-voiced words.
Rayna is such a talker these days. She has mastered the art of stringing together sentences and it is so adorable. The best is when I ask her to do something her reply is “otay momma.” Or if she is looking for her dad or brother she says, “hey, where dadda tho” (tho is baby talk for go, FYI). And if she is in her diva, bossy, queen bee mode, we hear, “Caiden, come here right NOW,” signaling her brother to come play with her.
Whatever she is saying, I honestly melt inside. Either it’s cracking me up, or it is soooooooooo cute.
Sometimes, I cannot believe I have two communicating toddlers. The beauty of it really is watching them interact and tell each other what they want to do…I have to step back and allow myself to fall deeper in love with every moment like these.
The other day, Caiden said to me let’s plag hide and seek. So we did. Rayna and I went to look for him and he hid in a small opening between his 2 wardrobes. When Rayna yelled, “I see you Caiden” his response was a cool, “no you cannot, I am camouflaged.”
What!! CAMOUFLAGED YOU SAID??? You are 3! Floored me. I think I was in elementary when I learned to talk like that. Never mind he tells me my food is delicious and that somethings are ridiculous…yes my 3-year old’s vocab is killing me.
All of their talk is something I want to remember. I try to record things, but the truth is…they are growing. Growing daily is a beautiful yet scary thing for me. One day both will lose this baby voice, cute way of speaking…and I will probably ask them to shut-up.
So my friends, if you, like me, are at this stage with your kiddos. Do cherish it. I love it. Love it so much, I can cry.
It’s things like this that solidify why I choose to spend as much time as I can, when I can, with breaks of course, with these 2 chatterboxes.
I love the way they talk…the crying, let’s be honest, I could do without. 😉

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