2 Toddlers, 2 To Watch Grow, 2 That I Cherish

This toddler phase is so amazing. It really truly is.

I mean, well…ok, it is tough. They are at an independence seeking stage, where they want to have their way, throw tantrums occasionally, always on the go, become selective eaters, make you late by not wanting to get dresses, and pretty much stop hearing you call their name or tuning you saying, “please stop that,” repeatedly to the point you want to scream…and then you sometimes do. SIGH.

Yes toddlerism is all those things. No doubt.

I have 2 of them. Being 23 months apart, while they love and play with eachother, I do go through 2 sets of little people acting like big people, and wanting their way.

Sometimes I catch myself even pleading with them for 5 minutes of quiet time…and hand them crayons and paper, only to get them to be hush hush for a small fraction of time. Then of course, someone wants the blue crayon and only that one specific blue crayon that the other is using, while the other is trying to eat it. BIG SIGH.

Here is the irony.

As annoying and exhausting as it can be, at times, I catch myself being in total awe.

Yes, I mean that.

I am constantly trying to soak up all this goodness due to my anxiety of just how fast time is going. They won’t be this age ever again…they won’t always want to sing and dance in their pjs, and they won’t always speak in these cute voices totally mispronouncing words like “delicious” or “ok” (which are currently “dishus” and “otay”).

I am actually okay with the occasional tantrum or meltdown in the restaurant, or them not wanting to get dressed (notice I say occasional). This is because, frankly they are kids. They are kind of supposed to do all this and go through all this…and hopefully come out half decent. There is no need to stress about why they are being crazy, because they won’t always be this little…and I fear I will long for those days again.

So grab your toddlers and go play hide and seek and colour with them, leave the chores once in a while, and just cherish moments when you can.

After all, these critters are not that bad…they are pretty darn fun and we could all use a little fun.

Thank you my babies for reminding me to just stop and “come play me momma.”

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