Welcome to my blog! I’m Christina and I’m the mom of two busy bees. I also work as a freelance writer and marketing specialist.

I started this blog a few years ago to chronicle my journey through pregnancy, and the early days of “mommy-hood”. Since then it’s evolved as a place to share my experience of raising my son and daughter, and a space to share my personal interests, local recommendations and so much more.

With a background in health, specifically in food and nutrition, I strive to share healthy tips on food with kids and creating easy recipes for my family.  Also, inevitably it has made me into a bit of a foodie, so you can expect to hear about local spots or great places to eat!

I also want to motivate moms to be healthier, happier, and to connect.  This includes not only via health and food but also sharing things I learn through my own experiences. This is a space to feel you are not alone, to laugh at the craziness of parenting, and to get some tidbits about parenting and raising kids in a busy city (I live and breathe Vancity life), and being and owning your true self.  Learning and sharing together, if you will.

So, I hope you enjoy reading as much I love writing and can take something from here.  I hope you either want to try something, or something here makes your day a little more fun, or little more chill, and hopefully give you a chuckle…or a good healthy cry.