The Perfect Cup of Chai

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In seeing a lot of Indian inspo online…I thought I would post my chai recipe.  Chai is gaining a lot of popularity, though it has been around for centuries.  A staple in Indian culture, being served at all events and to guests of the home.
It is an instant feel-good tea treat, perfect when you have a chance to relax. I think after a long day, it is fabulous to curl up with a nice cup.  I think, since you can make it with or without caffeine, it is great for moms.  We all deserve a nice cup of chai once in a while.
Most Indian people make it the same (black tea with milk and Indian spices), but we all vary it up a bit here and there.  Traditionally, it is made with full fat milk or cream, and sugar.  My variation uses skim, and I opt for no sugar. Also, as  breastfeeding mom, and because I limit caffeine in general, I use a decaffeinated tea, which still tastes amazing.
Photo credit: www.tetley.caWhat you need:
-cinnamon sticks
-skim milk
-evaporated milk (optional)
-orange pekoe tea bags (I use Tetley decaffeinated)
What to do:
In a small pot, put about 2 cups of water.
To the water add 4 to 6 cloves.
Slightly crack about 6 to 10 cardamom seeds (you can opt to discard the leaves and just use the seeds, but I use it all).
Peel about 1 inch of ginger, mash it so the juices are exposed, and add to the water.
Add 2 small cinnamon sticks.
Add 2 tea bags
Let everything boil together.
Once the tea has taken a blackish colour, add your milk.  Add enough so that the colour takes on a dark beige tone, but not white.  You can add half skim, half evaporated…or just stick with skim if you prefer.
Let the milk come to a full boil.  Stay very close as the tea will start coming up fast once boils.  Just as the tea is about to reach the top, quickly take it off the heat…so not to boil over.
Now strain and pour into your cup.  Add sugar if you wish.
Makes about 4 cups.

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