You never truly know how much mom loves you

A long-time family friend told me recently,  “You never truly realize just how much your mother loves you until you become one yourself.”  This is because you instinctively become prone to putting all needs aside and your child’s first, no matter how difficult, what the sacrifice or what the consequence… your instinct is to nurture. It can be hard but a mother does it some way some how.  I am not taking away anything from the dads, don’t get me wrong, I’m just giving a special mention to moms here.  This bond starts in the womb for a mom as she houses a growing baby that is changing her physically and loves the being causing that.
It’s true…
However,  hot dang this heat wave and being in my 39th week is craaaaazy. My feet are really swollen,  uncomfortability is at an all-time high, sleep is tough at night,  going to the bathroom is my new hobby,  and I may be moody (but that’s up to interpretation). So this is another reason why I now realize how much mothers love their babies; carrying them for nearly 10 months can be a challenge but well worth it and often repeated.
I loved all my pregnancy and have been lucky but I’m anxious and ready to see my peanut. Mommy is starting to miss her ankles and is driving daddy nuts (for some reason anything he does is so annoying or stupid in my mind).
We are officially one week away from the due date of July 13th. I’m hoping for a tad earlier, but I have a feeling peanut has his/her own agenda and will make their arrival when they are ready…true diva style like daddy (maybe making sure hair is just right).
In the meantime I rest, prep, eat, enjoy good company, walk, read, eat…oh yeah covered that…trying to look cute though I’m definitely not feeling cute, and hope to meet this little buddy of ours. As I do go out or see our family and friends, everyone is super encouraging and making me feel like I am great pregnant. So I realize this is a pivotal time to remember,  as I won’t be prego much longer.
Hard to believe the next time I write I may be introducing peanut by name,  I hope!
Waiting…. not so patiently in the heat… let’s go baby.

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