“What I Have Learned” Series – Featured Mommy: Lisa Huffman

Lisa is an Edmonton resident and mom to gorgeous Nora, 2 years old. While admitting mommy life is busy, this mom loves all it encompasses and shares with us that it does come with learnings but also new joys. She shows us the real side of mommyhood, and how to not get overwhelmed. Lisa shows us to relax and not always stress, that things always work out and it is ok.  Her positive attitude (though she may not call it that) and fun-loving nature make her an amazing mom, and person really.

Lisa has worked as a freelance consultant after having Nora, but just returned back to working full-time as a data analyst at a bank. She admits it is a big adjustment, and that she is just now starting to make a point of doing more stuff for herself moving forward. Hobbies and such are hard to pursue in the early years, and her goal this year, other than career goals, is to read an actual book this year. Yes, her humour and her honesty make for an awesome feature mom for this month. I personally love it!

Here is Lisa’s interview.

Did you always know you wanted to be a mom?
Definitely! But really, when we grew up, it was basically unheard of not to, right? In my 20’s, I remember wondering if I just wanted to be a mom by default, or if I actually actively wanted to. It turns out the biological close is real, yo.

What would you say is your biggest learning(s) since being a mom?
Oh my God, so much. I was really surprised how much it actually changes you, in so many ways. I hope this doesn’t sound pretentious, but for me, seeing the world through the eyes of a parent is so totally different than before having kids. It seems so much more dangerous, terrifying and sad sometimes, and so much more magical and amazing other times. And you get to have to guide, these precious little souls through it all, until they can do it on their own. That’s a pretty heavy responsibility to carry, and I don’t think I really grasped it until she was here.

What, if anything, was the hardest about transitioning to mommyhood?

Basically just adjusting to being a role model 24/7! I’ve always been pretty jaded and sarcastic, and I’m realizing that it’s not cool to download that onto your kids. So for me, it’s trying to turn that off when my daughter is around and try to be a little more optimistic. I want her to CHOOSE to be jaded and sarcastic on her own terms!

What is your favourite thing to do with your child?

We spend a lot of family time on bike rides or at the lake or river. I have a child seat on my bike and I absolutely love riding around together. My daughter loves going fishing with her dad and digging in the sand and mud. At home, we do a lot of colouring and building Lego.
Any particular funny or insightful stories?
My daughter was 17 days late. 17 days! And no, her due date was not off. My midwife and I were both just stumped. I felt like I was being punked. It was insane. Nora basically came at the last possible minute – we had plans to meet at the hospital for an induction/c-section the following morning, and I went into labour that night. Everything went great and she came out perfect – I say she got her dad’s sense of time.
What advice would you give to new moms?
For those first few months – do not worry about what the books say! Everything will be fine. Whatever you are doing, it is totally fine.​ There is no such thing as a textbook baby. You are the expert on your own child. From the very beginning of my pregnancy until Nora turned 1, I freaked out approximately 85,000 times. None of those fears ever came to fruition. So I would say of course you will be worried about this or that, but don’t let it get in those amazing first few weeks. They are really special. Also, spend that time exactly how you want to. Don`t worry about visitors, relatives, friends – they can wait. Everyone wants to see/hold the baby, and everyone has advice for you. Take it and leave it on your own terms. You get to decide what works for your family. I recommend reading about the fourth trimester, I found it a really useful way to approach those early days.
Is there any item or anything in general you would say is a must-have or must-do for parents? and why?

​We both really liked our adjustable carrier (we got one that is good from newborn to 30 lbs) – we never bothered with a stroller until she was older because it was nice just snuggling her while we walked, ran errands whatever. My husband wore her most of the time and it was a really nice bonding thing for them.
I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed interviewing Lisa. Her “go with the flow and enjoy the ride” mantra is so true. She is all we need to hear about just doing our best and choosing what works best for yourselves and not defending your choices to anyone. In the end, it’s pointless to get sucked into pre-conceived notions, it will all be OK. Enjoy and be true to yourself.
Thanks Lisa.
Turning Mommy - Feature mom story Lisa Huffman
Lisa and her beauty, Nora

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