Vama Life Wellness: Doula, Wellness & Beauty for all Moms

I am so excited to share with you this new service available.  It is local,  it is centered around natural health, and focuses on woman health, particularly pregnancy through motherhood. It is a must-know for all moms out there in Vancouver. I must state that this is not a sponsored post, but I truly love letting moms and mom-to-bes know about great local products and services that are super useful.
I invite you all to learn about Vama Life Wellness. If you need a doula or all natural and safe (pre and post pregnancy) beauty care products, this is the company to seek. They are hosting an amazing “Meet the Doula” night as well, read on for more details.

In this post we cover:

  • What is Vama Life Wellness
  • Learn about Arti, the Doula
  • Meet the Doula Event – Sept.20th, 2016
  • Vama Life Wellness Beauty & Body Care Products for moms
  • Q and A with Arti

Learn about Arti, the Doula

  • Goddess Scrub
  • Goddess O Bath Salts
  • Herbal Sitz Bath (for mommas recovering postpartum)
  • Belly butter
  • Natural bug sprays (specifically formulated for moms and babies and a natural spray for everyone)

I personally have been using the Goddess scrub and can’t live without it now, it is amazing, natural exfoliant and moisturizing. I know that all these products are safe but also effective in terms of skin care, given Arti’s passion and interests and knowledge surrounding women and the whole birthing process through to baby care. I had no hesitancy using it while nursing because all the ingredients were natural and known to me.

What is Vama Life Wellness
“VAMA” (Sanskrit; For Beautiful Women).
VAMA life is a locally owned and operated Wellness company. VAMA life is committed to providing women and their families with Labor Support Care services from prenatal to postpartum and education.
Originally the company was created to raise awareness to safe birthing practices through fact-based and holistic strategies, to help women cope in labour, and help partners better support the moms.
Vama Life Wellness, as of now, includes birthing and baby doula services as well as a line of beauty and body care products.
Arti Naidu first started in the Health and Wellness field by working as an aesthetician for many years. She met countless women that would share stories of pregnancy and birth with her. She found their stories to be intriguing and decided to learn more about the process. After meeting a group of midwives, she discovered what a doula decided to look more into becoming a doula; 2 years later she witnessed her first birth and her life changed.
Arti has been attending births since 2014 and has witnesses 8 births.
“A part of what I love most about being a doula is educating and raising awareness about the Doula profession. It’s still not a common knowledge to most people and I love that it always sparks an interesting conversation”says Arti.
Meet the Doula Event – Sept.20th, 2016
Vama Life is hosting a “Meet Your Doula” night, on September 20th, at Kings Cafe, 2223 Kingsway, from 8-10pm.
This is an event with other birth professionals. It is a free, informal, meet and greet, where expecting parents can come to learn more about how doulas support mothers and their partners prenatally, during labour and postpartum.
Please follow this link to learn more and RSVP:
Doula vancouver burnaby - Turning Mommy Vama Life Wellness
Vama Life Wellness Beauty & Body Care Products for moms
Vama Life Wellness Products were designed with pregnant and breastfeeding moms in mind. Although all the products are safe for everyone to use, they were created to ensure safe usage for pregnancy in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters and for moms that are nursing. All products are hand made locally using all natural ingredients.
The line of products includes:
“These products have become my little baby and a passion project. I really feel like I’m in my happy place when I am formulating them. With anything the line is still a work in progress, It’s still very new and I am always trying to improve the formulations.” – Arti Naidu
Turning Mommy: Vama Life Wellness Beauty body care products
Turning Mommy: Vama Life Wellness Beauty body care products
Turning Mommy: Vama Life Wellness Beauty body care products
To learn how to get these products please read the Q and A or contact Arti directly.
Q and A with Arti
I wanted to bring awareness to Vama Life Wellness because of its unique catering to mothers and the fact that the services and products are truly great. To learn a bit more I sat down to do a little Q and A.
Why did you become a doula?
I truly believe that being a Doula is my calling. I feel like all my experiences and training have lead down the path of being a birth worker. I love that I get to support women and their partners through on the the biggest transformations they will ever go through. That to me is exactly why i became a doula just to offer space and support.
Why is a doula so important these days?
Many families especially in the city may not have that “village” that others might. Nowadays families and extended families might not be near by to offer support. Having a doula can offer some of that support. On the other hand I see families that might be well supported but they simply don’t feel like it’s an ideal situation to have them present at the birth. Doulas are a great way to relive anxiety for those parents.
What made you want to start your own beauty line?
My product line started as a hobby first. I made scrubs one Christmas for all my friends and they wanted more so I started selling them. Who i started to develop each product i wanted to tie it into my doula work so I decided to first start to develop my products with pregnant women in mind. 
What products do you think new moms or mom-to-bes will benefit most from and why?
A couple of my favourite products are VLW Belly Butter to help minimize and prevent the look of stretch marks for expecting moms. I also love the Herbal Sitz Bath for mother recovering after birth. It helps to aid in a faster recovery to help heal and tears or lacerations. I also highly recommend the Goddess Scrub. its a great way to naturally nourish the skin, brighten and reduce or prevent stretch marks by exfoliation and nourishing at the same time.
Where can people buy these products?
I am currently in a couple of stores and a spa. You can find VLW Products at The Basement by Loyal Coalition in located in the heart of Gastown, Joanna Keller Beautique on West Hastings also in Gastown, Blissful Beauty Lounge in Burnaby, The Brow Vault by Reena Kholi in East Vancouver, Kings Cafe on Kingsway and Mark’s Pharmacy on Scott Road in Surrey! 
So there it is, a synopsis of Vama Life Wellness  and how it benefits all mommas.
Again please attend the Meet Your Doula night.  Link here:
Or to connect with Arti please visit here:

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