This Life.

This life is a cycle, full of ups, downs, ins, outs and turns.
This life will surprise you, give you goosebumps, warmth, and sometimes even burns.

I have experienced all these emotions, throughout different phases in my life.
It is a natural part of growing, not just into adulthood, but even now as a mom and wife.

This life is unpredictable, as each phase comes you learn more and more.
It is never a game, it’s to be self aware and learn as you go, no need to keep a score.

This life is interesting, full of new meetings, adding to your family, and sometimes sad goodbyes.
You can never say never, or take things for granted…as we all know, time flies.

This life has given me my biggest blessings and changed in so many ways.
There were times I would’ve never imagined being me now, not in my hay days.

This life moulded me to do exactly what was expected of me, to make everyone happy and never think of me.
How crazy was that, because I’m a better person now, and I finally feel so free.

This life is a journey and you trod along for years, trying to find what aspect feels just right.
There is no age upon which it will come to you, you just know because in you, you feel no flight or fight.

This life is different for every person, as each is unique has their own views.
It is about respecting and not judging, not knowing what it’s like in anyone elses shoes.

This life is about appreciating all the good and even the bad.
I am thankful for all the things I’ve learned, be it happy, sad or mad.

This life is surreal, as I often say over and over, and over again.
The realizations growing daily and being open to learning should never come to an end.

This life is about enjoying who I am, in all that I am in this moment in time, here and now.
It is ok that things may change, so create memories, make goals, but cherish and be present, that is how.

This life is love. This life is for me. This life is a journey…and I am happy to BE.

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