The Gift of Giving by “Green Gifting”

This time of year can easily get away with us. We are asked, “momma can you buy me this,” or “can I please open gifts now please please please.”
Although my kids are quite little, it would be nice to start some tradition to reinstate the meaning of Christmas, in our house. This could be a little gesture, perhaps it will stay and carry on. I had this in mind and contemplating what those could me. I want to exemplify that it is great to do for others, vs only expecting gifts. But what?
By luck, my niece stayed over. I grabbed her and Caiden and took them both to Value Village for some “green gifting” inspiration. En route, she told me how her school had some books from Value Village. And then it hit me. I will get the kids to choose as many books as possible and we will gift them to a cause that would love some books.
The kids loved it and so they set out in Value Village’s book section to find books and books and books. And books they found, that’s for sure.
There are so many walls and shelves of books at Value Village, all in good shape and in need of kids imaginations. Because they are so low priced it is easy to gather and purchase a lot. Giving a lot feels great and to my surprise, the kids were excited about giving lots and lots of books to kids in need.
I was so proud of these guys, they didn’t once ask to keep them all to themselves and took time to choose books they thought other kids would love.
While there, I noticed that there are many items people can benefit from, so many opportunities to give used items to those in need or on low or fixed incomes. This green gifting program is fantastic, and we all should be aware all we can do our part when we can, as we can.
So books in bags, smiles and excitement in our hearts, I tasked my niece to find a charity to donate these books to.
Green gifting and giving back…such a great way to say Merry Christmas!

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