First off I feel the need to apologize (though not many know of this blog yet so I’m not sure who I’m apologizing to) for my lack of blogging recently. What I have learned is that the first trimester can make you extremely tired and well…lazy. Not that I’m complaining, it beats morning sickness. My peanut has been good to me…thank you baby.

Now to the good stuff…

Pregnancy is surreal. I find myself growing at lightning speed. So anyone who didn’t know, could tell. I’m definitely modeling a fresh “baby bump”, which I rock with pride. I can’t feel peanut yet, but I tell myself he/she can feel me…so I rub the bump…and talk to it. This is what makes it surreal, right here: I see myself change, I can’t feel anything, yet I’m so attached.

Hubby has transitioned to daddy mode. It’s so endearing and funny at the same time. Because my bump is evident, if I cough, squirm, sneeze, move, he jumps up and says “whaaat, is baby ok?”
Yes baby is fine, it’s just me…I’m fine too, thanks love. This has its perks though, I forget what it’s like to clean as hubby does it all. Hmmm the “P” card really does work.

So what have I been up to? In a nutshell: the holidays, prenatal yoga, work, new maternity clothes and sleeping. I’m listening to myself and the advice of my sisters and getting all the rest I need before peanut makes their debut and I forget that verb all together. So far so good.

First trimester is over.

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