She Says Momma…She Says Dadda Too

Rayna is growing at lightning speed, it seems.
It only feels like a few short months since we brought her tiny little self home.  She was this patutie, sleep-loving, peanut.  Fast forward, 10 months later…she is a happy, loud, babbling, energetic, super cuddly, not so much sleep-loving, mobile monkey!
She crawls her own special crawl, never did the conventional way…and boy is she fast.  Now grabbing things and getting up and trying to stand is her new favourite skill (which, I catch her practicing all hours of the night).  She loves playing with Caiden, and trying to grab any of his trucks…or him.  She loves food, skipped a lot of the baby foods, self-feeds pretty much anything and will even try to grab anything you have in your hand…or mouth.  She is loud…gets excited, cheers, especially when Caiden is showing us something like kicking a soccer ball.  She is sheer joy and such a blast!
But probably one of my favourite things is hearing her say “Momma” or “Mom.”
She said Momma as her first word at about 9.5 months, and also says Dadda.  I think the first time you hear it, you aren’t sure if it’s just baby babble.  However, her starting to say it at opportune times, when you are away from her, or she wants you to pick her up, solidifies she knows who you are!  You are “Momma”…and “Dadda.”
Hearing your baby’s first words is bittersweet.  It is a victory being you.  It is beyond endearing and ever so cute.  It creates little ripples of giddiness and results in cuddling.  It literally is the sweetest sound from such a tiny (yet often loud in my case), angelic, itty baby voice.  It is also a reminder that she is just hitting these milestones and growing…almost 1 year has gone by!
Now I know, more skills, more words will follow.  My baby girl is growing and will only be a baby for a limited time longer.
That’s the beauty of writing here though, I am able to capture this memory.  The memory of right now, she rolls and plays, and when tires and wants milk and to go back to sleep…she calls out “momma…mmmm mom mom…momma.”
I got you baby…I love you.
(I am writing this as she is sleeping in my arms.)
It is moments like these that make all the sleepless nights worth it.
Oh I don’t want to think what trouble will ensue as she gets older…for now she is still this sweet little baby that loves cuddles and her momma…yes and dadda.
Xoxo and goodnight.

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