She is off…She’s a walkin, She’s a Screamin’

Oh this little girl of mine.  She is such a little one…so tiny and petite and cute…and LOUD.

Rayna’s personality is emerging full-force and what is it projecting?  It’s stammering loudly a “Do not mess with me people!”  My little precious angel is quite content playing with my pots and pans, trying to scale the TV stand, and trying to touch anything she isn’t supposed to.  Our place is kid-friendly, but this kid will figure out a way to make us gasp.  She knows it’s wrong but will ignore our tone and give us a smirk while doing it too.

Oh she’s so cute you would never guess she is a menace in the making.

Oh and the biggest feat Rayna has conquered…she is walking.  This is beyond cute as she used to stumble and fall because of walking way too fast.  Now she has mastered taking her steps slower, so she is getting better and better at it.  To be honest,  though I love seeing her develop more and more, I was in no rush.

No rush because she is my baby.  But also, she is going to be trouble…I feel it in my bones.

You know what though,  she is a cute little girl, and maybe being a tough cookie isn’t a bad thing.  A matter of fact,  it will serve her well…so I hope that part stays in tact.

Oh Ray…as she balances to stay on her feet, she is definitely keeping us on her toes!

I love you my little menace.

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