Rayna…my beautiful angel

I have been extremely lagging on my post here, and ever so tired that I keep putting it off…however…
Indeed on June 6th, 2:19pm, after some unexpected complications and then triumph,  our little angel was born!   Rayna Saesha Chandra…she is petite in comparison to big brother, but captured our hearts immediately.   It is amazing how even at birth, covered in vernix and fresh out the womb someone could look so cute and beautiful…that was Rayna.
She is definitely quieter than brother Caiden but who knows how long that will last.  Caiden has taken a liking to new baby sister, we just have to continue to teach him that no the baby does not want that rubber ducky…and no please don’t give the baby your blanket by throwing it directly in the crib…cute but a bit cautious we must be.
I cannot believe I have two children…I feel blessed beyond words.
Now if I can remember that feeling during all the late night feeds and changes….here we go again 😉
I can’t wait to see what Rayna’s personality will bring.

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