Pumpkin Patch, Ghost trains and SuperMom!

I should  have worn a Big S this Halloween.   In fact, I was so tired I am only getting around to blogging about  this now, nearly 2 weeks later.
Our Halloween festivities included a visit to the Stanley Park Ghost Train and Spooky Barn, and of course the Richmond Country  Farm Pumpkin  Patch.
However, the trip to the pumpkin patch I ventured on all by myself..well me and my little ones.  What was I thinking????  I had nothing to do and because we hadn’t  gotten a pumpkin yet, I thought we could just go to the farm, pick a pumpkin  and be on our merry way.  NO!  Although all the hay and farm animals and displays are awesome and easy enough  to walk around, I did not see any pumpkins.  In fact, you must take a hay ride on a wagon to get to the patch…I must have forgotten all this.  Here I was thinking, you show up, pose for cute pics and someone directs you to a bunch of little pumpkins.  So fumbling to put  Rayna in the Bjorn and handle Caiden (who took a liking to throwing apples in the pond that day) I did the bravest thing ever….I went on the wagon.  All the mud and glory of it later, we ended up with 3 cute pumpkins and a very happy guy.
I didn’t  get the glorious awesome pictures I dreamed of but when I look back, it actually shows a wonderfully busy yet festive Halloween.
But next year I am only going to dress  as a Superhero, not be one.  Hehehe
Ghost train ride at Stanley Park
Vick and Caiden…and a witch?
We are always taking the pictures, so we asked the guys to take a picture of us with the wee ones…this is the best shot they got, thanks guys.
He loved all the hay!
Halloween family selfie!
Rayna’s pumpkin
Pumpkin carving!!
Mud and Pumpkins
Aside from the pumpkins, he loved the animals at the farm
Just proof Ray was there too
Our little ladybug!
Chase is on the case!

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