Peek-a-boo! I’m still here!

Hello friends… it’s been a while.

Life as a new mom is busy but mostly a blur. The days and nights sometimes seem the same and it does fly by while you are in a semi-awake state.  You find yourself amazed that you are able to still shower let alone clean your place…so yes blogging has been difficult.  In fact,  I think,  I know,  I haven’t been able to think straight enough to even string together a comprehendable sentence.  My language lately has been “coochy coochy goo boobly woobly woo”.  Translation you ask?  The answer is…who knows.

But it’s pretty cool folks.  Not glamorous but fricking cool to be a mom. My baby rocks.  Literally I’m rocking him as I write this.

The first month flies by, hubby and I didn’t sleep for the first few weeks at all as you spend time trying to figure out what he needs and when.  Also learning what to do, how to do it, and not freaking out takes a few weeks.  Wow…looking back the first 2 weeks were nuts!  Difficult,  trying,  special,  exhausting,  rewarding all in one.  I was lucky to have two moms that helped me with meals and chores, so I could heal and get some rest during the day (and just worry about taking care of Caiden).  By the third week I wanted to take on everything without help, so it was game on in terms of “turning mommy” and being a wife and functioning human on my own around the clock,  24/7.  It’s a grind that every new parent can attest to, a life experience to realize how much your parents did to bring us up and that no job compares.  Still cool though guys…if you can believe it.

With time, however, you start to learn what each cry means. Now, 2 months later,  we can guage it a lot better.  I’m still not sleeping like a bear but we manage, knowing I will be up every 3 hours.  By the way,  whoever says sleep when baby sleeps must have a nanny or not eat, wash, clean; yes I definitely try to “nap” when I can with him,  but when he’s out I take advantage and take a shower or do laundry or eat!!!!  You would be amazed at how many times I’ve felt like I was 22 sneaking in and out of the room after putting him down.

I think it’s fascinating learning about what Caiden wants and bonding with him.  But the coolest is when he smiles and does baby talk.  As tired as you are, you can cuddle And play with him forever.  Thank god for a good baby… So far that is.

Caiden is super cuddly.  He loves to baby talk,  be held, and loves music and sounds.  He’s round and cute and not too fussy.  We have been able to take him shopping,  go for walks, etc.  At 2 months he doesn’t have a rock solid schedule,  and of course, because I breastfeed, right now I feel like literally a pair of breasts with legs.  So making plans or going anywhere for too long is not an option.  But I anticipated this and definitely not ready to leave his side. The question is when he is on a schedule,  will I be able to? Shudder the thought,  I’m hooked on my son.

Anyway,  I’m not going to edit or review this post before I publish… it’s raw new mom ramble.

Also just a quick love shout out to all our family and friends from literally around the globe.  We received so many calls,  visits,  gifts,  and love from everywhere it’s been overwhelmingly amazing.  Thank you!!!!!!  Caiden, and the two of us, are so lucky!

Until next time, good night.

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