Mommyness is Hard, But It’s Worth It

It is easy, it is extremely easy, to acknowledge the hardships and craziness that is motherhood, and parenthood alike (I don’t mean to always forget the dads…I just don’t know how many daddies are reading this). Anyways, kids are hard, they are relentless, and sometimes don’t let you get what you intended to get done in the day. Then your husband comes home, and naively innocent enough,  asks, “so, what did you do today?” That is when you can easily go into a long saga of how no one appreciates how hard this truly is and then cry or pout.
But then, your toddler looks at you and says “mommy I wuvv you.” Suddenly you forget that you stepped in poop earlier because he had a potty training accident.
Your baby girl pulls your face in and plants a wet one on you and says “mmmmuah”, while grinning her 6-tooth smile. Then you forget, she screamed all day long and didn’t let you get to the bathroom.
Then you catch your kids laughing and playing together, signalling for you to join with delightful shrieks of “mommmmmaaaaaa.” You immediately forget how all you did was clean and clean a mess that got messed up again.
That’s when you realize, who cares how hard it is at times. That is what it takes,  which is a small price for this wickedly amazing family I am blessed with. This is surreal to be surrounded with so much love.  The kids sheer excitement surmounts any verbal reassurance that I would ever need that I am doing a decent job.
They are healthy, happy and cute as hell.  They love me, even when they are nuts!  They tire me by 8pm, for sure, but it is worth it because of how much endless joy they truly give me daily.
The truth is every hard day has its beauty.
In my case, two.
I love these crazy kids of mine.  Thanks for being awesome my babies.
Now let’s see if we can go one night with no wake-ups…
Turning Mommy enjoying motherhood

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