Mix and Match Ensembles for Little Girls

Having a little girl allows me to play around with looks, girly of course.  And although it’s typical I would dress her in pink, ruffles, tutus and dresses…there are other options that are so cute, that I just cannot get enough of.
I noticed that there are a few key items that are always being updated in Rayna’s closet: leggings, colourful tops, cardigans and head accessories.

Love this get-up. Paired a Black and White striped jacket from Carters, white denim pants from Carters with a bright pink peblum top from Children’s Place

I love the layering look with tights or leggings, add a jacket or cardigan and you have a nice little number.  It is casual and trendy…and just as girly.  In a miniature version, the outfits work well for any occasion.  I don’t tend to stick to what comes packaged together, though those sets are fantastic.  I have a lot of fun mixing up different pieces and creating different outfits entirely.
This look is entirely H&M mix and matchables.  We have a beige textured legging, paired with a dark purple sweater, and just added a white cardigan with gold hearts.
A lot of dresses come with cardigans, but by all means, play around to create looks to your liking. Of course a little hat, headband or clip is a must-have to complete the outfit.
Cute in a denim dress by Old Navy, white leggings from Children’s Place, a dark pink cardigan from Carters, and a wool headband by Vitamins Baby
Dressing girls doesn’t have to come with a hefty price-tag, here are some outfits that are simple but fashionable.  I love a lot of things from stores such as CartersOld NavyH&M, etc.  All it is is taking simple single pieces, and mixing it up.
Sporting a 4-button white sweater from Old Navy, pink flower toque from Joe Fresh, and silver polka dot on black leggings from Carters

So mix and match, play around with colours, patterns and head pieces.  Enjoy shopping at regular everyday stores to stay in a budget.  Look for small pieces vs. sticking to the packaged sets or don’t be afraid to break those sets free.

You will create different looks and love the outcomes!

Animal print vest from Carters, orange leggings from Old Navy.

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